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6 Characters Who Will Make You Fall In Love With Well Tailored Suits

time to suit up with barney

Suits are not a common sight in real life but reel life is surely filled with them. From double breasted waistcoats to a simple plain shirt with crisp trousers, many actors can’t stop looking irresistible while donning them.

In case you need to get one made for yourself, do catch up on the fashionable trends of these gorgeous stars and we are sure you would look like a star yourself.

American Psycho

Patrick Bateman’s character defined wealth and fashion. He was created to show the extensive hours invested by a rich person to maintain his external appearance. Christian Bale totally rocked his pinstripe suit in the most rollicking fashion. You might say it’s not in fashion anymore but as they say, fashion always repeats itself.

christian bale in american psycho

source: pinterest


If you have seen the TV Show, you can never spot this guy without a suit. Always immaculately dressed, Harvey Specter defined what self loving is in the most sexy and charming way.

harvey specter best suit

source: gentleman

House of Cards

The President of The United States of America. He speaks, walks and dreams perfection. Not only is Frank Underwood’s character the most cunning of them all, he knows how to charm whoever he meets with his dangerous combination of words and smart dressing.

kevin spacey in house of cards

source: tailor4less

How I met your mother

Barney Stinson, just like Harvey Specter has ‘never’ been seen without being ‘suited up’. He was always seen nagging Ted to suit up as he suit defines sexy and elegance. Ted might always be in his cargos but Barney surely rocked in being fashionable 24/7.

barney stinson

source: wonderfulengineering

Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort, the richest man in Wall Street. The suits might be very similar to Christian Bale’s character in American Psycho, maybe pinstripes symbolize power and wealth to the maximum level.

leonardo dicaprio in the wolf of wall street

source: vogue

The Godfather

The beloved Michael Corleone, the youngest son of Vito Corleone. Poor Michael never wanted to be a part of the Don Corleone family business, but he surely made it to the list of the best dressed Corleone the world could ever see.

al pacino in the godfather

source: asuithatfits

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