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6 Facts About Bryan Cranston You {Probably} Didn’t Know

From a drug lord in Breaking Bad to a troubled screenwriter in Trumbo, Bryan Cranston has played versatile roles with a soothing ease. Like a good bottle of wine, he is becoming better and better with age and we pray to god he lives to be a 100 so that we can see his acting for many years to come. Today he celebrates his 60th birthday and to pay a tribute to the amazing actor we have combined a list of facts that you probably didn’t know about him.

He wasn’t the first choice for the role of Walter White 

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Both John Cusack and Matthew Broderick were first offered the part of Walter White, but both actors turned it down. AMC was initially cautious about casting Cranston because of  his ‘only’ comedy background with Malcom in the Middle, but after Vince Gilligan showed executives an episode of The X-Files, in which Cranston plays a conflicted racist, whose head may explode, they changed their minds. Gilligan had written the episode that featured Cranston while working as a writer and producer for The X-Files during its run.


He has family roots in Hollywood


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You know why he acts so well? The reason is that he has Hollywood in his blood. Cranston’s mother, Peggy Sell, was a radio actress and his father, Joseph Louis Cranston, was a Hollywood actor and producer. However, Cranston’s parents did not want to force their son into the “Hollywood life,” and he did not begin following his passion for acting until after college.

He did voice-over work for Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers


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Remember the high flying Power Rangers? Cranston did a voice-over for the show and as a result the creative team decided to name the Blue Power Ranger, “Billy Cranston,” in the actor’s honor.

He got paid a hefty sum for the final episodes of Breaking Bad


Cranston reportedly earned $225,000 for every episode of Breaking Bad’s final season. That means that he earned an estimated $1.8 for the series’ final eight episodes.

He has the Breaking Bad logo tattooed on his finger


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After finishing filming of the final episodes of Breaking Bad, Cranston and his co-star Aaron Paul went and got tattoos in order to celebrate and remember the series. Paul got the quote “No half measures” on his arm, while Cranston opted for the show’s logo on the inner part of his finge

He learned how to cook actual meth


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While being interviewed by Howard Stern, Cranston admitted how DEA agents actually taught him the real process for cooking meth in preparation for some of his scenes. Even though he was taught how to cook meth, however, Cranston claims that he never actually got to make a batch.



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