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6 Things To Know About Tom Holland of Spiderman: Homecoming

tom holland sexy photo

Spiderman: Homecoming has hit the theaters today and we can’t stop gushing about our new Spidey- Tom Holland. He is smart, handsome and most importantly our new Peter Parker. Now, if you are curious to know the buzz around him, you are at the right place.

6 things to know about Tom Holland aka Peter Parker

1) The Youngest of The Lot

tom holland, spiderman homecoming, black and white


He was only 19 years old when he packed away the part for  Spider-Man: Homecoming. This, however, makes him the most relatable Spider-Man of the series.

2) From Real to Reel

tom holland, best photo, spiderman

Another quality that makes Tom Holland the most relatable Spider-Man is that he enjoys doing flips, flinging around the air and free running in real life as much as Spidey does. He accounts these characteristics to his dance classes which he attended as a child.

3) Some Shocks for Rocks

This is a bit different but, interesting. He spends at least 20 minutes a week to give himself electric shocks. Yes, you read that right. As weird as this fact may appear to you but, these shocks are meant to add to his fitness training and give him that rocking body. Now, that is some dedication.

4) Spiders!!!!!!

tom holland, terrified of spiders

Tom Holland, in his real life, is ….wait for it…. Terrified of spiders. Yes, while this is an interesting fact and hard to digest but, it’s true. Nevertheless, we feel you, Tom, as some crawling creatures are creepy it’s only people like you, who make their human counterparts so adorable.

5) The Number Was 8

If you are trying to figure out which number I am talking about, it’s the number of times he auditioned before getting the role. Yes, reportedly Tom Holland auditioned 8 times before getting the role for this film. Apparently the saying, “There are no shortcuts to success” applies for all.

6) The Critics Love Him

tom holland in rome

He is not only loved by his fans but, the critics have appreciated him for his role in “The Impossible”. No wonder, he is being loved for his performance as THE SPIDER-MAN.

Superstar! isn’t he?

Booking my movie ticket, now! Are you?

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