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Bored Of Your Playlist? Check Out These Underrated Bands To Change Your Music Taste


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First up is EYEDEA, a free-flow rapper who performs about the current state of government and the oppression its bringing to the society. The rap style is spoken-poetry which will soothe those who like them some hip-hop or rap.

Best Song: Even Shadows Have Shadows



Turnover are an American rock band from Virginia Beach, Virginia. They’ve a great following and their music is innovative which comes under indie-rock or punk-pop. Their sound is great to hype you up and their shows often are full of extremely animated individuals committed to their local music.

Best Song: Cutting My Fingers Off

Violent Soho


Violent Soho are an Australian alternative rock band that was formed in 2004 in the Brisbane suburb of Mansfield, Queensland. A solid mix of melody and harmony paired with a driving rock feel is what Violent Soho is about. Their sound is airy and floating in a happy way.

Best Song: Covered In Chrome

Davenport Cabinet

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Davenport Cabinet which was previously known as The English Panther is the solo project of Travis Stever of Coheed and Cambria. Their riffs have elements of southern rock while their harmonies are vaguely reminiscent of what we liked about Sevendust when they first came onto the scene. Their vocals are clear and tonally beautiful.

Best Song: Our Machine

Madroid Echostar


Madroid Echostar is VERY harmonious. Their vocals and light, acoustic sounding strumming blend well. At times the vocals can sound a bit emo / new rock, but overall, the kicking guitar riffs that remind of prog rock paired with the sweet voice of the lead vocalist are very solid.

Best Song: The Precursor



If you like your metal dark, quick and mixed between melody and guttural, Velaraas is a great underground band to check out. They have moments of influence of Nordic-style metal as well as some heavier, almost goth sounds in their music.

Best Song: War Song

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