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David Victori: A Spanish Film-maker Whose Movies Cross Boundaries of Language


David Victori, a beautiful filmmaker from Spain has more than just stories to tell. He has the power to roll intense emotions into a time frame as short as that of 13 minutes and stories that are felt beyond one’s place of living or language. He is from Spain but his films break the boundaries of the audience he makes them for as in the end all the emotions that are there in the world are unique but similar in their essence.

david victori, zero sets

source: Zerotheproject

We got the chance to interview him about his personal life and how he got into film-making. And if you are in the beginning stage of choosing film-making as your career, we are sure this piece will be of great help.

Tell us something about yourself that isn’t available on the internet, something unique that defines you

Most important thing for me, more than cinema, is to learn how to be happy. To learn how to live. Nothing is more important for me than that. 🙂 

When did you learn about the art of story-telling/film-making?

I learned about my love for storytelling when I was around 14. My friend and I started using a camera during weekends for fun.Then we started to discover how stories can be told with the help of a camera and since then, this has been my ultimate joy.

How was the beginning, tell us some event that gave you the strength to continue doing what you love

I had been acting for around 3 or 4 years with a theater group. One day, after a play where I get shot dead, I saw my family crying in the middle of the audience. That surprised me quite a lot. These feelings, these real tears of emotion were something that I wanted to be a part of my professional life. I wanted to be involved in a profession where your main material is life itself.

Thus, because of my love of life, I chose this field. Film-making is life itself in a different form.

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Writing! Your film Zero hits right across the hearts of so many nationalities, how do you get your idea to such skillful execution?

In this case, I first concentrated on the idea of a world with zero gravity. After the high concept comes the time to find the best story to explain this very idea. After immense brainstorming, I tried to connect this idea with my own life. 

This made me stumble on a story of a kid trying to find answers to questions that couldn’t be answered. The mix of the idea of the world with no gravity and this particular anecdote perfectly matched both the aspects and thus, Zero was created.

Do you have a set pattern to keep your creative juices flowing or the right story just comes to you somehow

I just follow my curiosity. There are all the creative juices waiting to be explored. It’s also important for me to know what interests me at that point of my life, all that makes me vibrate in a beautiful or a mysterious way.

A combination of all this leads me to the particular story and that’s how I get the right one to work on.

david victori

source: digiQualia

Tell us about the struggle in this field, how is the industry in Spain?

The biggest struggle is telling a story with so many people being a part of the process. Everybody has their unique point of view and telling each your specific idea gets a little challenging.

As for Spain, it is a small country for an art that is so expensive. And unfortunately we are not open to work in a natural way with countries who speak the same language so, we have a lot of problem in getting our projects financed.

What are the best moments of being a part of this creative process

When the process of financing your project is over, and the people around you respect your point of view, then you get to experience the best moments of this process. Personally, I love this work as I don’t feel like I am ‘working’, it’s all in such a smooth flow that it feels like I am just living it all.

david victori, sets of zero

source: zerotheproject.tumblr

Any advice for upcoming film-makers, a one-liner or the do’s and don’ts of being a filmmaker

In a way, when you start, you are in the best moment because then you have ”ALL THE FREEDOM” to follow your point of view. You can do almost everything and anything in small projects. So, enjoy that moment, do it just for fun and don’t think about results. Just understand that whatever you are doing makes you happy and that’s the only reason you are doing it 🙂



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