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Why Was Deepika Padukone Featured In Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Next Generation?

These days Deepika Padukone has been making headlines, thanks to her Hollywood debut promos of XXX- The Return of Xander Cage. Recently, she got featured in Vanity Fair’s story- Hollywood’s Next Generation. I was super happy about it (let’s be honest every Bollywood fan gets excited when a Bollywood star rubs shoulder with another Hollywood star). She looked amazing in the interview, she was herself (by that I mean her accent was real, take a cue Priyanka!), she was unique and stood out from the rest of the featured stars- the perfect representation of Indian beauty.

deepika padukone xander cage

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While going through the other stars’ credits my excitement about Deepika cooled down, why? Because the other featured stars in the story were those who already had international and critically acclaimed movies to their credit. They may not be global stars but their movies and TV shows have been globally released. Hollywood fans from all over the world already have a piece of them, therefore, they are rightfully Hollywood’s next generation. On the other hand Deepika’s only Hollywood credit includes XXX- The Return of Xander Cage, moreover the movie hasn’t even released yet.

2016 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

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To  make this argument stronger let’s discuss about the featured actors in this story, I would like to start with Lily Collins, she has already acted in an Academy winning movie called Blindside (it’s regularly screened on Romedy), alongside Sandra Bullock. All the Hollywood buffs will know who she is. She was also seen in two other highly acclaimed Hollywood movies called Mirror Mirror opposite Julia Roberts and Stuck in Love alongside Logan Lerman and Jennifer Connelly.

elizabath debicki

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Another name is Elizabeth Debicki, her two internationally acclaimed movies are The Great Gatsby, where she played a major role of Jordan Baker. She was also seen alongside Michael Fassbender in Macbeth where she played the role of Lady Macduff to the most poignant detail. She will also be seen in the sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy which will be releasing next year.


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Next we have, Annabelle Wallis, she played the protagonist in the 14th highest grossing horror film of all time called Annabelle. This movie scared masses from all over the world (I know most of you will disagree), but we have to face the fact.


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I am sure most of you guys must have seen LOL, a Miley starrer movie. Remember her boyfriend? Yeah, I am talking about Douglas Booth; this British hottie has worked in a Biblical movie called Noah which features Russel Crowe, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman, this also was a Global hit. He was seen in Jupiter Ascending with Eddie Redmayne, Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis. It may not be critically acclaimed but it definitely earned a lot of foreign currency.

Riley Keough ( Mad Max- Fury Road) , Ben Schnetzer ( Pride),  LaKeith Stanfield ( Selma and Straight Outta Compton), Aldin Hodge ( Straight Outta Compton, Die Hard) and Finn Wittrocks (Big Short and American Horror Story- Freak Show, it earned him an Emmy nomination, also it was aired on Fx in India). These actors have Academy Award nominations to their credit. They may not be the leads but their work was appreciated by various critics (If you have watched the movies, you will know what I am talking about, if not, then you must)


source: vanityfair

Obviously, these arguments are not aimed at speaking against Deepika Padukone’s acting capability; but it’s really hard for me to figure the reason for her being featured in this story. She hasn’t worked in any Hollywood movie so in all fairness she shouldn’t have been featured in the Magazine.

If you would ask me to suggest another name, I would personally vote for Dev Patel. Who would you vote for? Do give your preference in the comments below.




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