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Did You Know Daniel Radcliffe Knows How To Time Travel?

daniel radcliffe with jimmy fallon

Harry Potter aka Daniel Radcliffe or vice versa has stayed a phenomenon in our lives since we were born (90’s kids shoutout). Wouldn’t it be super interesting to see him in his many avatars; real infact of people scattered around the globe! Yes, his doppelgangers who breathe the air on a daily basis looking just like him!

And let me tell you these doppelgangers have been present even before he was born, right from the 60’s to the 90’s (pardon my history).

Let’s dive into some of these photos along with a video of Jimmy Fallon showing us some seriously looking Harry Potter doppelgangers 😀

Daniel as an Army Man 😀


Daniel as the cutest and the most seductive lady


Daniel as a stern old lady


Daniel in his Rock and Roll prime


And he was sporting enough to get that look

dop with HP

Daniel as a young yet old lady

time traveling lady-HP

Now that you are laughing at the versatility of his doppelgangers’ dominion, don’t miss this super hilarious video of Daniel laughing at these photos with Jimmy Fallon.

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