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Jason Momoa: 10 ‘Awesome’ Facts About The True Alpha Male of Hollywood

2016 is the year of superheroes. We got to meet the sexy as hell Black Panther in Civil War, the fantastic Spidey played by Tom Holland. And with the launch of the Justice League trailer our eyes have stretched all the more wide with the introduction of an Aquaman who is totally divergent from his previous image of being the butt of all jokes.

This Aquaman played by none other than the fearsome Khal Drogo oops, Jason Momoa feels like the strongest anchor of the Justice League.

Don’t even get me started on his physique! Though it would surely be covered below.

Coming to the stuff you must know about the actor who is going to be ‘the’ Aquaman of our wet sea dreams, let’s dig in into his life to know him a little better.

He started his career in Baywatch Hawaii after winning the title of Hawaii Model of the year

jason momoa in baywatch hawaii

source: betelin

What in the…world?

jason momoa with two more characters in baywatch hawaii

Jason Momoa, Jason Brooks & Michael Bergin in Baywatch Hawaii

source: screenrant

Is this actually him!

*Talk about changing your physique to a whole new level*

This happened back in 1989 when he was chosen from over 1300 people. There is this famous quote of him describing the beginning of his acting career.

I was 19 and folding T-shirts in a surf shop. And I got chosen out of 1,300 people to play a leading role on ‘Baywatch Hawaii’. I didn’t even know how to act. It took me five years to get an agent after [that]. No one would take me seriously after ‘Baywatch’. I lived in the shadow of that for a long time.

He is best known for playing Ronon Dex on Stargate Atlantis for 4 years 

Jason Momoa as Ronan Dex in Stargate Atlantis

Jason Momoa as Ronan Dex in Stargate Atlantis

source: thescifiworld

Seems like he has been preparing to play Khal Drogo since then, though Stargate Atlantis came under the genre of ‘military science fiction’.

Momoa has a real cut on his cheek after having his face slashed with a broken beer glass

jason momoa got 140 stitches after getting his face slashed

source: thatviralfeed

The injury was so bad, he had to get 140 stitches to join the deep cut along with reconstructive surgery, just 1 year before he was cast as Khal Drogo. His attacker served a five year sentence, much to everyone’s relief.

He has been married to Lisa Bonet since 2005, they have two children

jason moma shopping groceries with wife, lisa bonet

source: dailymail

Who would not give up everything to be with this guy! <3

His daughters are Lola and Nakoa-Wolf and you can see him uploading their cute pictures on his Instagram feed.

Momoa performed the Maori Haka dance for his GOT audition

He did not perform from the script given to him, instead he showed the aggressive nature demanded by the character through this warrior dance of the Maori tribe.

He has his own production company ‘Pride of Gypsies’ 

jason momoa on the sets of his film

source: outsideonline

He loves to be an active director where he can join his acting team and show them what he actually requires of them.

His feature directorial debut was ‘Road to Paloma’

jason momoa in road to paloma

Jason Momoa in his directorial debut

source: inde-pendent

“Road to Paloma” was created from a series of stories Momoa had been developing over the years. He was the writer, director and actor in this project.

Performing the sex scenes in GOT was very difficult for him

khal drogo and daenerys targaryen sex scene

source: celebjihad

He used to apologize to Emilia Clarke multiple times before enacting the forced sex scenes.

Momoa loves to read books, especially on Buddhist studies

jason momoa, home, bookshelf

See the books stacked behind him? A perfect example of brawn with brains.

He loves to play the guitar

jason momoa playing electric guitar

You can check out some of his videos on YouTube, he even plays at various events.

I am sure the emotions that had begun to engulf your heart after seeing him in the Justice League trailer would have magnified to another level after reading this article.

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