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Do We All Live In Our ‘West Worlds’?

Glazed eyes, wayward lives, touchy robotic societies. Is this our West World?

For those who are unaware, West World is a kick-ass television show started by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. It’s inspired by Michael Crichton’s novel of the same name. Two movies and a short-lived TV series has been made on the same in 1973 and 1980 respectively.

west world

source: io9 – Gizmodo

Now that we are done with its past introductions, this show is based on two sects: one being of humans who are popularly called ‘guests’ and the other being called ‘hosts’- these are android bots or robots who cater to the whims and fantasies of these ‘guest humans’ in the Western theme park called the ‘West World’.

So much for the adventures required by humans suffering from their boring lives.

Okay, so in this show you get to see cowboys, beautiful western girls, hookers, bounty hunters, sheriffs and the like and the best part is most of them are inhuman, they are synthetic robots created by Robert Ford played by none other than Anthony Hopkins 

*God Bless God for creating him*

anthony hopkins west world

source: The Verge

The main context of this show is about Hopkins creating these synthetic robots, pulling their puppet strings with the narratives set for them and updating or wiping them out when they get even slightly closer to consciousness.

What got me thinking about the connection between our world and the ‘West World’ was on these  lines. I mean, which category do we belong to? Are we the hosts or the guests? If the Earth or our country is our theme park, are we residing in it like free thinking humans on a vacation or a bunch of hosts being operated by the aspects of time, age, money, responsibilities and most importantly our governments and societies.


source: vox

Be it the trending news of empty brained Donald Trump’s election as the President of the USA or the demonetization by Narendra Modi which has been killing the productivity of more than a million lives.

In the end do we really know what is happening around us or to us? Keeping debates and opinions on one side and the idea of just ‘being’ on one. Do we really know the point and driving force of our lives?

Are we even the driver’s operating our own cars or it’s always being operated by someone else?


source: The Verge
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