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TVD Spoiler: Matt Donovan Won’t Return As a Human In Season 8

If you have seen even one season of The Vampire Diaries you would be familiar with ‘Mystic falls’. You would get to meet a diverse set of species comprising of vampires, werewolves, a blend of them called hybrids, witches, vampire hunters, vampire witches, the Originals, humans that are vampire hunters, a supernatural huntress, travelers, doppelgangers.

And finally on the other side of this circle you will meet Matt Donovan, a pure sad human breed.

Matt Donovan, the only character who somehow managed to stay human despite dying God knows how many times. Let’s take a minute (or 10) to remember a few of these moments before jumping to the big reveal.

The drive off at Wickery Bridge

car crash elena and mat

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He was totally responsible in turning Elena into a vampire after that. Better alive than dead Elena right? Though Matt somehow managed to stay alive, that too as a human is quite a huge deal if you analyse the details. Damon almost choked him to death but as always Matt got out alive.

When Silas broke his neck

silas stefan

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Silas is no weakling. In fact he has been the most powerful vampire witch in the entire 4th season. His hit definitely killed Matt. He was dead! But as has been witnessed before, Matt came back alive as a human. Thanks to the ‘you can’t kill me till I have this ring biatch’.

Matt fended off a bunch of blood thirsty vampires without being one


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How did he even do that while still being a human? When Klaus instigated Jeremy to send a ‘bunch’ of blood thirsty vampires after Matt Donovan to get his ‘vampire cure’ (he had to kill a few vampires to get that cure). Since, Matt is probably the only human in this whole gang, only he could be the bait. Well, he survived that too! Again, as a human.

Survived being Elena’s dinner as well

elena drinking matt's blood

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Remember the time when Elena bid a loud farewell to the humanity left inside her back in season 4? Well, Damon used Matt (Elena’s ex) to make her realize how far she had come. While she did lust for Matt’s blood and gorged on his neck for a long time, Matt did not die. He still managed to stay even after being freshly served to hungry Elena.

*slow claps*

These are probably the worst attacks on Matt, but it did not let him let him shed his human streak by even a pound. Fortunately, not the same can be said of Season 8.

As we already know Matt is no vampire fan (especially of the Salvatores) considering Damon turned his sister Vicki and Elena into vampires and Stefan killed Vicki. To go on, Katherine Pierce triggered Tyler’s werewolf curse and gave Jeremy as a snack to Silas; he again blames Stefan for killing his wife Penny (even though he himself killed her by mistake, thinking it was Stefan).

So in the end of season 7 he decided to leave Mystic Falls (early realization).

According to, actor Zach Roerig (Matt Donovan) hinted that his exit from Mystic Falls wasn’t permanent, he will not return as the same human-bus boy- turned Sheriff but as a supernaturally enriched character. He will re-enter his long lost father’s life, who abandoned his family for some mystical reason. There is huge speculation about the Donovan family being supernatural- whether they are Vampires, witches or werewolves.

I personally feel he will return as a vampire Hunter, considering Jeremy won’t return, Alaric is human and Bonnie has been stripped off her Huntress instincts. The show needs a vampire Hunter and seeing how bravely Matt has stood against these deadly vampires, it makes sense if he comes back as one.

What do you guys feel? Will Matt be back, if yes would he still be a human or not?



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