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Mr Robot: The Show That Is Meant For Every Soul of This Generation

Hey! Have you seen Mr Robot? It can’t be a probable yes or a no as the heading is open for both the sides. Well, in case you haven’t please don’t wait and download it with your or your neighbor’s Godsend Wifi and start binge watching it right now!

Now why am I so eager for you to watch this show? Before I answer that, let’s check list the following items:

Do you feel a little more than the people around you?

Does your mind question the society a little too much sometimes?

Do you feel socially awkward one moment and a badass extrovert the next?

Do you love shows that feel like someone just passed a joint onto your hands?

If the answer to all of these was in the affirmative, then why have you been waiting all this while? To shed some light on the show, or on the kind of things you will get to watch in it.

The first line of the first episode will get you hooked like a drug addict

rami malek2

source: nola

‘Hello Friend, Hello Friend’

When the protagonist chooses you as the first listener as soon as the show begins, why would you not get hooked to the show!

You have chances of being a drug addict after watching this show

mr robot 3

source: mymbuzz

Don’t worry. I just over-reacted a little. It would be more of the opposite, maybe.

And it would definitely throw light on what are the more harmful drugs consuming our generation during these internet savvy times.

It treats the concept of MPD in the most mind-fucking way

rami malek

source: digitalspy

Even if you haven’t seen it, I can’t stop myself from stating the most important fact. I would not disclose the name of the person who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, and even if I did the way the events will unfold in front of you would make you want to re-wind and watch each episode in detail.

The story-line is so fresh, you can never guess what’s coming

christian slater

source: tvinsider

The writers are a million leagues ahead of you. The direction and the setting is done in such a way that you go inside the mind of the protagonist who is suffering from hush hush hush and that alone would make you feel like a hungover druggie all the time.

It makes you go in a state of being stoned without any substance use

mr robot trailer

source: nanonews

The plot is the ‘drug’ of this show. It will leave you asking for more; in the process making you an addict for more of the show.

The protagonist is the new King of the acting world

elliot anderson mr robot

You need to watch him to feel the power of his performance. Where was he hiding his talent all this while!

You become a literal part of the show

mr robot

source: youtube

There is nothing more uplifting that being a part of the most interesting shows on television right now. Elliot Anderson played by Rami Malek talks to the audience in the show, like ‘looks at you and talks’, and his actions and self-talks are meant for just one person: the viewer. So yes, this show does make you feel like it cannot exist without you.

Please don’t read anymore and just go and watch the show.

Btw, the featured image of this article has been made by a dope artist whose work can be seen on this link. Due credits to him.

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