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One Small Detail Shows How Game Of Thrones Is An Editing Genius

*Warning: Some Minor Spoilers Ahead. Proceed with caution*

A reddit user named Maximus Nerdius has found this small interesting detail in the 3rd episode of Game of Thrones which shows that the show is edited with pure perfection. Although a small detail, but it shows how much thinking and hardwork goes into each episode to make it flawless.

His reddit post read :

During the scene with Sam and Gilly on the boat at the end of the scene Sam tells Gilly his plan to leave her at Hornhill with his family and when she reacts calmly he says he wishes she would get angry and throw things at him. She then says “I would never do that to the father of my child.” In this instance Sam is the father of a child who is not his but he loves and belongs to a woman he loves. The scene ends and the very next scene is the flashback to the Tower of Joy which is the core of R+L=J. I know R+L=J is all but confirmed but I like this little allusion to that in the editing of the show.

sam child

For those who don’t know what R+L=J means, ‘R’ here means Rhaegar Targaryen ( eldest brother of Daenerys), ‘L’ means Lyanna Stark and ‘J’ stand for Jon Snow. I dont think so I have to explain the ‘+’ here.

So coming back to the point, the show has such small details hidden in it that you just cant help but adore the showmakers for making our mind boggle every time we see it. A scene which seemed almost irrelevant at first, becomes so significant after you understand its context.


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