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What Happened To The Iron Throne In Game Of Thrones?

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When was the last time you saw the Iron Throne in the Game of Thrones? Well, if you go back memory lane the Iron Throne was not seen even once in Season 5 and Season 6 also has not given even a glimpse of the Throne which has been the reason for all the murders and killings.

Obsidian Of Olivia, a Reddit User posted about the wiping out of the Iron Throne from each episode and the reason behind the same was given by over 15-20 Reddit users. And oh boy, their theories are pretty logical to believe. As always!

Now why is the Iron Throne being hidden from every episode and what can be the symbolic reference for the same?Let’s have a look at these super interesting fan theories.

The Rule is Weaker


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Believe it or not but the power of the Iron Throne has only been decreasing with every new death and dethronement. From the Targaryens to the Lannisters, the throne has been sat on by true rulers to cowardly Kings.

  • The Mad King made the rulers of Westeros look questionable and incompetent
  • Robert’s rule was stagnation and financial ruin. People called him usurper, which made the credibility of the throne less so these problems made way for..
  • The War of the Five Kings which caused a lot of problems for the people, and caused them to question the Houses of Westeros from ruling. This also led to the Sparrows coming to power
  • Joffrey was a bad king and had a reputation that again tarnished the throne. His death also caused the stability of the Iron Throne to weaken in the sight of the people
  • Tommen then sits on the Throne
  • Tommen as a King is weak, and Cersei ruled. She made the horrendous decision of allowing the Sparrows to be armed in exchange for the 1 million gold dragon debt to the Faith to be forgiven in full.

    The most important thing to observe now is that in Season 6 of the TV series, Tommen is never seen on the Iron Throne. He’s not a king, he’s a weak and incompetent pushover. But the fact we never once see the throne is an indication that perhaps the strength of the throne no longer exists, and may not be there in the end as it is so weak and resented by Westeros people.

End of Monarchy


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Don’t forget that there is a bunch of Walkers clad in white ice who are the main threat to the entire kingdom. Well, the first episode of the season made sure we hung on to that fact. What might happen is a united decision among the powerful rulers to come together and fight against the main threat to their existence.

With Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen being level-headed in comparison to the rest; the Starks, Lannisters and Targaryens would surely be seen uniting in some way or the other.

To add to this, The Iron Throne and Houses have been weakened by years of stagnation, the Sparrows know this and are trying to do away with the Iron Throne, there is no one strong or competent enough left to rule, and in the series Season 6 we never see the Iron Throne a single time.

Weapon to kill White Walkers

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This might probably be one of the most interesting fan theories ever invented, though book/show fanatics have chided the theorist enough for thinking on these lines.

Anyway the theory runs like this:

The Iron Throne was formed in the days of Aegon I Targaryen. It was created from all the blades that were surrendered up by the Westerosi. The hammering of these blades took fifty-nine days. Why would it take so long? Any decent Blacksmith could hammer out that throne by himself in much less than a week (most likely two days maximum). It took so long because this was a time when Valyrian steel was still prominent, and Valyrian steel is difficult to work.

The Iron Throne is made of thousands of Valyrian steel blades.

It has recently been revealed that Valyrian steel is one of the two materials that can kill the White Walkers, but there are only a handful of VS Blades left in the world (That are known of). We have Jon’s Sword – Longclaw, Brienne’s Sword – Oathkeeper, Joffrey’s Sword – Widow’s Wail, The Tarly Sword – Heartsbane, The Harlaw Sword – Nightfall, The Corbray Sword – Lady Forlorn, The Drumm/Reyne Sword – Red Rain, Littlefinger’s Dagger, Caggo’s Arakh and House Celtigar’s Axe. The rest are either lost or destroyed.

So how are we to fight off thousands of Others with only 10 Blades left?

By melting down the Iron Throne.

Not only will the concept of the throne be gone by the end of the series, but the throne itself will be used elsewhere.


Wasn’t that a mind-blowing revelation. And if this really happens well, not much to add as to how would the feeling be. Game of Thrones without the Iron Throne, tch tch. Anyway, these are just observational theories. The real deal is only known by the legend George R.R.Martin.

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