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How Zoya Akhtar’s Made In Heaven & Gully Boy Make our Dil Chahta Hai

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The Akhtar clan continues to be a source of inspiration since they started their foray in the creative sphere.

From Farhan Akhtar’s soulful poetry being passed on by Mr. Javed to Zoya Akhtar’s continued tryst with portraying the society with the deep power residing in Cinema; we are blessed to be living in the same space as them.

Even though the enthusiasm for Gully Boy and Made in Heaven might have waned with the influx of GOT memes and videos, we can’t help but think about these stories on an everyday basis.


From the recurrent use of Apna time ayega in offices where we work on someone else’s dreams to understanding the nuances of same-sex relationships, the audience who like to watch the Akhtar creations comprises of a community which is glued with a bond which needs no explanation.


Even though the perceptions of different ideologies and dialogues might be subjective, there is this deep connection which needs no defining.


Coming to Zoya Akhtar making our Dil full of Chahana, there is this full circle that a viewer experiences after watching her masterpieces.


How does this happen?

We turn into the defining characters of her stories and dream of being like them someday while being engulfed in the viewing experience.


What I felt while watching Gully Boy

After watching Gully Boy, I realized- I don’t rap, I don’t rhyme like Murad, nor am I as possessive, moofat and full of will as Safeena or as bindass and idol-like as MC Sher, but I might be as loyal a friend as Moeen. Though I can never put myself in a space like his character as I have never lived his life, but when it would come to friends who mean the world to me- I would always stand up and fight for them and be proud of watching them grow- no matter how mean or busy they think me to be.


Though yes, I would have been like MC Sher in my school life where I was the coolest, surrounded by a diverse gang- inspiring them, telling them to train hard, study hard, balance their life and see themselves as the best versions of themselves.

Though I doubt being that, or with as much passion now.


What I felt while watching Made in Heaven

I really loved Vinay Pathak’s character the most. The story of a person trapped living a life he should not, does not and is not meant to live. And even though I might not have the exact story as him, I could feel the anguish he faced as a consequence of being trapped- behaving like someone he isn’t, day by day, week by week, year by year.

How much pain a person feels when they are stuck being people they aren’t- be it after being married into a family drastically opposite to where they’ve been raised or falling in love with someone who molds them into beings they never were. The thought behind his character went so deep as to develop this angst inside you, and a mix of pity and bravery to fight for who you are and what defines your happiness in the life you choose to live.

I couldn’t connect with Tara, though it was refreshing seeing a different character and viewing something like Grooming spaces which I was completely unaware of.


All in all, Zoya Akhtar has this power to transport so many of us somewhere else, and even make us act on this fire which gets produced after watching all that she makes.

I even heard of a friend’s friend who left his job and went on to chase his rapping dream after watching Gully boy.


How did your life turn or how did you feel after seeing these cinematic pieces? 


Share your thoughts below!


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