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7:35 In The Morning | Mystery, Thriller, Musical


7:35 In The Morning

Director: Nacho Vigalondo

This 8 minute short is an odd and haunting film that begins with a woman entering a cafe and sitting down with coffee and a pastry. Two stationary men with instruments stare blankly as though waiting to be allowed to move and the owner behind the counter quietly walks back to get his regular customer’s usual drink. Confused by the tense atmosphere and attempting to brush off the discomfort of silence, she takes off her jacket and readies to relax with her newspaper when the singsong voice of Vigalondo is heard across the room. Popping out from behind a column, the film’s eccentric choreography commences.  The customers and employees have already been rehearsed, and sing parts of the song from lyrics cupped in their hands. Then there is a scene where, frightened and awkward, they dance. The reason for their behavior eventually becomes clear, and terrifying.

Nacho Vigalondo got an Oscar nomination for this short (his first) but eventually lost to ‘Wasp’.


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