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A Film For All The Women In The World: By Anurag Kashyap

Introduction: Gender fights, crime rates, eve-teasing, rape cases, abductions. These are some words we hear of day in and day out. Newspapers are filled with such columns, news channels can’t cover enough of them and series lik Crime Patrol keep reminding us of the evil side of this world. This 22 minute film shows what a woman goes through each day of her life and how her choice of facing it and fighting against it makes her the queen in the eyes of many.

Story-line: ‘That Day After Everyday’ shows the lives of three working women who are faced with a series of harassing cases each day of their lives. These incidents make them live in constant fear, each step is like gulping down an immense amount of fear for them. Their family members prefer that they stay at home all day, shut their mouths and just walk off if anyone harasses them.

Instead what we see is an enlightenment of the three women into symbols of power and strength, when they fight against the wretched men who treat women as sport. They utilize all their physical strength to bring the smile off the faces of these bunch of psychopaths. A must watch for all of us against the anti-social elements in the society.



Direction: 8/10

Story: 8/10

Screenplay: 7/10

Cinematography: 7/10

Editing: 8/10


REEL VALUE: 7.6/10

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