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Across The Hall – Slick 16 Minute Mystery-Thriller

Across The Hall

Director: Alex Merkin

This is Merkin’s first short film and people might think he’s bluffing all along with the professional slickness that is in order in this short. Released in 2005, Across The Hall is a mystery thriller about a guy who is waiting to confront his cheating girlfriend in a hotel room and how his best friend tries to talk him out of the crime he is about to commit; things are never this simple in a mystery thriller, are they? So, obviously you are in for a surprise.

Merkin announced himself off the sidelines of the short-indie industry and into the main helipad of film-making with this 16 minute cut version of an originally 25 minute movie which played SIFF and won Audience Favourite at Palm Springs in 2006; film does not suffer due the cutting.

There is also a full length feature available of the movie now which released in 2009 which didn’t get the success this shorter version got.

Reel Value: 7.8/10


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