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Brink (2011) – Atmospheric Romance About Fear And Hope


Director: Shawn Christensen

Cast: Justin Chatwin, Allison Huntington

Jeremy has been in love with his best friend, Evelyn, since before he can remember. He decides to profess his love for her through a simple, thoughtful letter… but there’s a strong chance they will never see each other again.

Brink is a dreamy romance which impresses you with its immersive narration, smart script and great photographic technique. The movie has little dialogue and a free use of slow-motion which gives it a sleepy feel. Christensen knows his fickle audience and has made sure that there is a character connection from the off. The movie goes atmospheric as soon as Jeremy’s voice-over finishes.

This indie is full of great shot choices and cinematic technique, supporting Jeremy’s sense of hope and fear of losing everything. Everything is narrated through the camera which makes it a fresh viewing.


Reel Value: 7.5/10

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