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Monster (2005) – A Short Horror Film That Turned Into THE BABADOOK

Monster (2005)

Director: Jennifer Kent

The movie is nothing short of being one of the most jump-scary movies of the past decade. Everything is stripped down to the basics, which makes it even more striking. The cast includes Ikimis-Healey, a long-suffering mother of her son Samuel, who is this bloodthirsty boy trying to kill things in his doll collection.

Running just under 10 minutes long, Monster was made way back in 2005, a story about a mother who battles the fear of his son about a figure lurking in the closet. Jennifer Kent, the director of the movie referred to the short as ‘Baby Babadook’. The film has a unique wit to it, which is not easily said for many horror films. It was after 10 years from its release that a full length horror film was released ‘The Babadook’, which was a hit in 2014 and took the praise well but many people still rate this short as a better and basic version of it all.

Monster visits loss, family, and overcoming adversity, surprisingly for a horror movie it also speaks about redemption and claiming back what you have lost.



Reel Value: 7.6/10

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