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Two & Two (2011) – Are You A Sheep Or A Martyr?

Two & Two (2011) 

Director: Babak Anvari

Runtime – 8 Minutes

A normal school morning turns into a strict authoritarian regime when the teacher decides to change the facts that the students believe to be true. When the ‘hero’ of this short takes a stand against the dictator of a teacher, things turn from confusing to painfully real in a heartbeat. Two & Two is an allegory for the absurdness of dictatorship and tyranny – and the resilience of the human spirit.

The short 8 minute film is a powerful insight into the minds of people who suffer from all the oppression imposed by the fascists. There are definitely four types of people in situations like this, as a youtube comment mentioned:

1. Those that accept the imposed version of the ‘truth’ without even questioning it. [the sheep]

2. Those that do not accept the imposed ‘truth’ and speak the real truth loud, clear and determined, no matter the consequences. [the hero/martyr]

3. Those that accept the imposed ‘truth’ out of fear of what happened to those that spoke the real truth, and that it might happen to them if they spoke it. even if they know an recognize the real truth. [the coward]

4. Those that apparently accept the imposed ‘truth’, but they know and implement the real truth onto themselves and hope for a day that they will be able to make others see and accept the real truth.. [the survivor]

The question is, Which one are you?

Reel Value: 8.1/10

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