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Why TVF Permanent Roommates Season 2 Is Something You Can’t Afford To Miss


Indian TV was not always in a tragic state as it is now. There were shows which hinted on the potential that the small Indian screen possesses: Malgudi Days, Hum Paanch, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, Office Office, Khichdi held the reluctant viewer by the gut and took him for a joy-ride, in a good way of course. Then came the ‘soap’ days, robbing us of the prime-time and inflicting a never ending brain damage upon us. After a decade of monotonous plots, repeating twists and endless amounts of ‘Shaadi Sequences’ came The ‘QTIYAPA’, to save us from the real Qtiyapa our mothers were hooked to. Finally, the Shaka-Laka Boom Boom age had their own series to look forward to, ‘Permanent Roommates’.

A Hindi web series with an excellent blend of  sarcasm, wit, close-to-reality scenarios and an unmatched amount of intelligent humor. Simple actors and a beautiful writing staff keeps the freshness alive with every new episode of the show and presents an edgy insight into today’s modern relationship, curing the mess created by Kum-Kums and the Kasuatis of this genre. TVF successfully broke the no-season-and-100-episodes rule with Pitchers last year and to match that amount of originality again speaks of remarkably honest work. To reach out of the set parameters of Indian television and still remain relevant is as inflexibly robust as it sounds but Permanent Roommates feels like a cool breeze and as far from basic cliches of live in’ relationships as possible.

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First season came at the back end of 2014 and just had 5 short episodes with an increasing run time for every successive episode (If you didn’t know this there are high chances that you, like many other busy office people have missed the first season of the show as it ended within a month of its first episode release). The show showcased the relationship between goofy-good guy, Mikesh and his reluctant and skeptical girlfriend Tanya, and how they manage to fill the gaps of a modern day relationship.

The second season is finally here with it’s first episode released online and the expectations were met tremendously. Same framework of intelligently crafted humor with sprinkles of loud sexist jokes.

In the first episode of the second season of Permanent Roommates, the canvas gets bigger, better and funnier. We are introduced with three new characters of Mikesh’s family, an obsessively competitive father, a grandfather with hearing aid (played by Asrani) and a sweet, drift catching mother who is involved in the highlight conversation of the episode. The show starts exactly where it left us more than a year ago and bolts down the frailties of modern television. Tanya is not ready to give up her career at this age and become a mother as they wait for the doctor’s report on her pregnancy test; and to top the tension, Mikesh’s not so helping family arrives.

Permanent Roommates is slowly soaring into the air with its deserved share of glory and staring the mainstream production houses in the eye. the TVF team is surely the beginning of something very beautiful and everyone should be a part of this generation defining journey of intelligent television.

The show is streaming online on tvfplay.com right now, and if you haven’t watched the first season yet, here is a revision video for summing up the entire season in 11 minutes.



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