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The Brain Hack – Pattern Theory With A Twist

The Brain Hack

Director: Joseph White

Cast: Alexander Owen, Edward Franklin

The Brain Hack is about two college students who search why people are driven by religious beliefs and test a pattern theory. According to the movie, human brain is inclined towards certain patterns and the retina is connected to the brain region responsible for devotion and artistic beauty, which the director has used for supporting his view on how people can ‘see’ God.

Could religious groups go too far to express themselves or have they been doing that from the off? The movie deals with this question and the plot thickens accordingly, giving this short it’s high moments. Brain Hack is a thrilling ride and teases some deep connections. The twist was inevitable at the end and whoever is into all the psychological adventure keeps an eye out for that but the execution of such inevitability make it worth our while. The attempt is commendable and doesn’t fall short of any gripping technique but the structure has some revealing and off-putting errors; you will not need to look closely for the error though.

Don’t watch it if you are prone to any kind of seizures. Watch it anyway.


Reel Value: 7.6/10


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