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The Nostalgist – Giacomo Cimini Does It Again With This Short Sci-Fi

The Nostalgist

“The short film is set in a futuristic world where reality is not quite what it seems… In the city of Vanille, with ‘ImmerSyst Eyes & Ears’, the world can look and sound like a paradise. But the life of a father (Lambert Wilson) and his young son (Samuel Joslin) threatens to disintegrate when the father’s device begins to fail. Desperate to avoid facing his own traumatic reality, the man must venture outside to find a replacement, into a city where violence and danger lurk beneath a skin of beautiful illusion.”

The movie is all about its aesthetics and the atmosphere it creates along the way, engaging the viewer slowly with all the questions being left unanswered. Although, you’ll not know what actually is happening at times but you won’t care, its like keeping the little world isolated from all the information. The groundwork, laid throughout, hints at small pieces of a puzzle and we get a picture that is, while not entirely revealed, complete enough for the emotional payoff.

The special effects are really, very well done and incorporate themselves into the story, instead of just being shiny for the sake of it.


Awarded at Palm Springs Short fest, Giffoni, Utopiales, Melies d’Argent and Sapporo.

Reel Value: 7.7/10

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