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Tubelight Ka Chaand – Eternal Human Quest: Romance

Tubelight Ka Chaand

Director: Shlok Sharma

Cast: Master Shariq

Short films are made in dozens in India but rarely does a movie reach a level of ‘Perfection’ and Tubelight Ka Chaand does exactly that. The movie shows the purest form of love between a boy and the moon, in its full glory. Master Shariq (the boy) finds his true beauty in an external object and shatters all boundaries to reach the love of his life. Opinions, concerns and causes are all kept aside as far the boy is concerned, he just understand his love for the shiney, veiled moon.

The movie has a paisa-vasool kind of feel to it, the one you get after watching a 3 hour long feature with all the possible amazement, tricks and technicalities. Shlok Sharma is not shy of poking fun at the media either, he take shots at both Peepli! Live and  Delhi 6.

Set on a beautiful music this movie will leave you with a sense of dreaminess and awe at the same time.

Reel Value: 8.5/10

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