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Tumble Dry Low – A Well Earned Emotional Simplicity


Tumble Dry Low

Director: Jefforson Stein

Simple imagination and a sense of critical narration makes this film a rare experience. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is as worn-off of an issue as the races in Fast and the ever Furious series but shout out to Jefforson Stein, director of this emotionally driven short movie, to manage a drive away from the cliches of the genre.

On dealing with his own fears and losses, Stein says: “My characters are very real to me, so when they figure out how to deal with something, I do as well without having to actually go through what happened to them. I think it’s why I like stories so much—they’re these little advice manuals on how to deal with terrible things that might happen to you in the future. You get to live out a character’s trauma.”

This 7 minute short, Tumble Dry Low, is an almost wordless, straightforward keyhole in the life of a father and his daughter who are dealing with loss in their isolated trailer, which is used as a genius metaphor for loneliness. The little girl’s eyes speak so much, it’s haunting and despite the cute factor of the girl, film never loses its emotional and indie feel.

You’ll definitely feel the relationship of a father and a daughter in just under 7 beautiful minutes.

Reel Value: 7.7/10

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