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Vicious – Don’t Watch This If You Have A Weak Heart


Director : Oliver Park

The horror film genre has not been able to produce good movies for some time now. With the likes of Paranormal Activity, Saw, Evil Dead etc. the genre has become more of a jumpscare and gore related phenomenon rather than focusing on good content and genuine horror scenes. We have a got an overdose of films which just focus on jumpscares with extra loud sounds. But Vicious is different.

Breaking all the stereotypes, director Oliver Park has come up with an amazing horror short film, which will leave you shit scared in only 12 minutes. Yes, you read it right. What mainstream movies are not able to do in full 90 minutes, Vicious will do in just a short span of 12 minutes.

The finesse of the movie shows how much thought process has gone into each scene. It just redefines the horror genre of short films. Do watch it till the end!


Watch Vicious here


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