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Watch All of This on TVF! Right Now!

Who doesn’t like watching a bunch of small and sweet webisodes? I do! Quite a lot actually, they just finish and end and succeed in leaving a very nice feeling in the heart.

TVF has just been doing that for so many of us. The umpteen statuses are proof of it. With each video of theirs crossing over a million and more views, none can call their success a fluke. They have worked hard and they deserve all of it.

Now what we all should do is utilise their success by seeing ALL that they have produced, with more bias towards the most talked webisodes.

Penned down is a short and sweet list with their short and sweet productions.

The first must-watch has to be TVF Pitchers!

Tu beer hai!

Enough said.

Just go on YouTube and watch it right away, I don’t need to push you to watch it, you will be addicted on your own.

TVF Permanent Roommates

That was my second watch as well, and it’s damn funny! Each dialogue is so nicely scripted, you just cannot stop laughing. And the performances are mashallah!

TVF Barely Speaking with Arnub

An Ornab Goswami parody that deserves a heavy applause; The Qtiyapa Guy deserves many blessings for making us laugh with so much ease. TVF Zindabad!

TVF Chai Sutta Chronicles

Never hurts to have a look at how they started, gives an inspiration that baby steps only lead to the creation of bang on masterpieces.

TVF Rajasthani Cowboys

A fan of ‘Once Upon A Time in the West’? Then don’t watch it. Because this one is an Indian curry-western! At least someone made use of the insane amount of deserts we own in India.



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