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10 Movie Mistakes You Missed Completely

We all know making a movie is not an easy task. Lots of hard work and time goes into making even one scene, and director and actors make sure that the end product we receive should be perfect. But sometimes some small mistakes remain unseen by them as well. But as viewers we have sharp eyes, don’t we? Take a look at the top 10 mistakes from your favorite movies. Enjoy!

10. Legolas Eyes

         Legolas’s eyes were blue in color in the Lord of The Rings trilogy


Suddenly they changed to a darker color in the Hobbit trilogy. 



9. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones cant decide where is he hurt: Left or right 

Indiana Jones

8. Braveheart

How can he kill someone with a rubber axe? 


7. Tombstone

Uneven rainfall at the same place?


6. American Sniper

Bradley Cooper seems to have been holding a fake baby. Don’t believe us? See his thumb 



5. The Matrix

Somehow the wall knew beforehand that it was gonna break 


4. Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts is eating a croissant in this scene

julia roberts

Suddenly its transformed into a pancake

julia roberts 2  

3. Gladiator

We never knew the technology was advanced in Ancient Rome. Compressed air tank and all? 


2. The Dark Knight

The director forgot to put something 



  1. Harry Potter

“You have your mother’s eyes”. Does he? 

Lily Potter 


Harry Potter 


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