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10 Superhero Facts You Probably Din’t Know

Superheroes are God-like creatures, they have powers that we can only dream of and have the ability to fight the world like badasses. They might be only real in comics and movies but there are so many stories in this universe that most of us are unaware of, owing to their unlimited connections. Let’s have a look at 10 Superhero facts that will surely make you gasp.

Hawkeye removed his fingernails once and used them as arrows


Source: Comic Vine

Flash’s highest speed has been recorded 13 trillion times the speed of light


Source: CWTV

Superman once said he considers Batman the most dangerous man on Earth


There is a comic where Eminen teams up with Punisher


Source: Coming Soon

Santa Claus is considered to be one of the strongest mutants in the Marvel universe

santa claus

Source: Dorkly

Apart from Avengers Iron Man has also teamed up with Guardians of the Galaxy

iron man

Source: Movie Pilot

Doctor Strange can create infinite wealth with a single gesture


Source: Superhero Hype

Wolverine once regenerated from a single drop of blood

xmen wolverine

Source: Movie Web

Such is his healing power.

Spider Man’s parents were high level spies and died in a plane crash

amazing-spider-man-2Source: Deadline

Black Panther is an expert in every Martial Art ever invented


Source: Vox

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