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10 Thrillers That Would Make Your Brain Go Round and Round

Has the psychology of criminals or even normal human beings interested you? The way our brains function and process things in so many ways has and will always be a topic of high interest. Movies that feed you with an end and a base are good in themselves, though movies that leave you stuck with a million questions have a league of their own.

Check out this appetizing list of all things psychologically thrilling and mysterious about our human lives.

Das Experiment


Das Experiment is a 2001 German thriller which is based on actual events of the Stanford Prison Experiment (psychology enthusiasts would love to read about this). This experiment is about a column that was advertised with the aim of studying the human behavior of prisoners and guards. 20 people volunteered for this experiment and were divided into two sects of prisoners and guards and were told to remain in this role throughout.

The divided roles made the prisoners more rebellious while the guards felt more and more powerful which made them take all the matters into their own hands, leading to something too sinister to digest.



Spanish thrillers are mostly marvelous. And this one surely comes in the top 10. Based on time travel, it is a complex time loop movie. It’s about a guy named Hector who spots a young woman undressing while renovating his house with his wife. Curiosity leads him into the woods to investigate, when suddenly a man covered in bloody bandages with a pair of scissors attacks him.

This film will make you cry out in shock and awe with every turn it takes.

A Tale of Two Sisters


If you are a big fan of Korean horror flicks, then please don’t miss out on this one. It is a brilliant horror masterpiece with bewildering twists.

Based on a girl named Soo-Mi who is shown as a patient in a mental hospital, this movie takes you on a flashback to the girl’s life before she got admitted. Soo-Mi has a younger sister and a step-mother who is hated by both of them. The bitter hate between the three and the addition of a supernatural beast, this movie will not let you move from the screen throughout its run-time.

The Secret in Their Eyes


I got the chance of seeing this high intensity crime drama while studying at the Spanish Embassy, they let you issue books as well as DVD’s of great masterpieces. This was one of them.

A guy named Benjamin Esposito gets delegated to the crime of a brutal rape and murder of a young woman. That’s about it that I would like to tell you here as the movie’s tone and rhythm cannot be summed up in words.



Paranoia and hallucinations are real. And scary! This film is the first film that was to become known as ‘The Apartment Trilogy’ along with Rosemary’s Baby and The Tenant.

This film is about Carol who goes under an out of control paranoia after her sister leaves the apartment for a few days. The viewer gets confused and is unable to process the reality and the hallucinatory imaginations of Carol in this mind-fuck creation.



If Silence of the Lambs has been on your favorite list, then Manhunter will be your second favorite, or maybe your first as it came before it. Its about a hunt for a serial killer called ‘The Tooth Fairy’ and features the infamously popular Hannibal Lecktor as the cannibalistic mind-game player whose help is needed to capture this man on the loose.

Based on the novel Red Dragon, Manhunter contains some great performances, most notably Brian Cox and Tom Noonan. If you are a fan of the Hannibal Lecktor series and are yet to see this, you are in for a suspenseful, atmospheric treat.

Eyes Wide Shut

eyes wide shut mask

This movie is made by Stanley Kubrick, that’s enough to drive you to watch this one.

Based on a married couple played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, it’s about the couple’s wild sexual fantasy out of their marriage. No, it doesn’t end there. While Kidman submits to her sexual fantasies to her husband, we see Cruise trying to gain entry into a party which unravels a whole set of erotic, violent and an unsettling sexual odyssey for himself and the viewer.


P.S: This was Kubrick’s last film.


Hour of the Wolf

Hour of the Wolf

Ingmar Bergman, the director of this thriller specialized in making films which handled death, disease and the downfall of human mind, this was no different.

Its about a man called Johan plays a man suffering from insomnia being haunted by ghosts of the past. He still has a lovable wife who stays by his side until she discovers his secret diary and stumbles upon his shocking and frightening past. What follows is one of the most eerie journeys you will ever come across in your movie watching history.

Dead Ringers

dead ringers

This movie cannot be described by any adjective.  It is based on identical brothers played by Jeremy Irons, who run a successful gynecological practice in Toronto. With their closeness they become emotionally and virtually one self and even ‘share’ the patients they treat. Things take a different turn when one of the brothers fall in love with a patient and decides not to share her with his brother.

What follows is an emotionally charged and a most shocking discovery, and guess what it really happened with real life twins in some part of the world.

Don’t Look Now

dont look now drowning

This film shows the power grief can have once you let it take over you. It introduces you to a grief stricken couple who lose their daughter from a tragic death. Fast forward to the future, they meet a psychic woman who tells them that their daughter is happy, nothing happens till they start seeing a red-coated figure similar to how their daughter appeared. The climax would be the orgasmic point that would eat you up.

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