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20 Greatest Biopics of All Time

Out of a third, 2/3rd of the human population prefers watching movies to reading books. You might have noticed it wherever you go, you will find more people watching videos on phones than holding a Kindle or a paperback.

Keeping this finding in mind, isn’t it really important to own movies that make us learn the truth about famous personalities? In short, the biopics made on famous people.

Wondering as to which movie would help you in gaining the best knowledge about your idols or any historical movement? Look no further, we have the list right here for you.

  1. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


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A bone-chilling biography on Chuck Barris, the host of The Gong Show and many other shows that were considered mind-dumbing for the American television audience. Based on a self autobiographical book ‘Chuck Barris’ and directed by George Clooney it is a must watch to know about a person living two lives- one of a showbiz agent and one of a CIA agent.

2. The Social Network


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A biopic on the ‘Free Basic man in the news’ nowadays: Mark Zuckerberg. The Social Network throws light on the life of the creator of the largest social network in a way we all would like to know. It shows the simple fact of people creating something to ease their anxieties, in short Zuckerberg had trouble connecting with people and it somehow led him create Facebook. There is a lot more to learn about him through this biopic that has won a total of eight Academy Award nominations and won three of them: Best Film Editing, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Score

3. Frida


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The unconventional uni-brow artist Frida Kahlo has always been admired by all literary and art students. A biopic made about her unconventional lifestyle, her complex and enduring relationship with her mentor and husband, her illicit and controversial affair with Leon Trotsky and her bold bisexual nature in that century. You can see all of these in the biopic starring Salma Hayek as Frida.

4. Walk The Line


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A Johnny Cash biopic which portrays the struggles Cash went through to reach the height of his fame where he recorded alongside Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins. Walk the Line is a motivational biopic of a much loved country singer whose tunes we dance to even now.

5. The Passion of Joan of Arc


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One of the oldest silent films that tells the story of the tale of Joan of Arc in the most beautiful way by actress Maria Falconetti. Even though a silent film, the emotions expressed by the actor make you delve deep into the charges of heresy that Jeanne d’Arc had to face. A must watch if you are curious about the mythological story.

6. The King’s Speech


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A biography of King George VI and the speech impediment he faced right before his ascension to the throne. The story of the monarch and the speech therapist who helped him fight against the obstacle. A movie quite unlike the common films we see of glorious kings and royalty.

7. Straight Outta Compton


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The most recent biographical film in this list, Straight Outta Compton shows the struggle of the entire Black community and the rise of gangsta rap against the injustices they faced. A beautiful and to the point description of the lives of Dr Dre, Ice Cube and the entire gang which resulted in the birth of the band called ‘NWA’, Niggas With Attitude.

8. Gandhi


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A Ben Kingsley and Daniel Day Lewis starrer, Gandhi is a biopic on India’s non-violent freedom fighter whose practices led to the British quitting India in 1942. A highly acclaimed film which shows the state of the Indian land before partition and the struggles the Indian nationals went through.

9. Raging Bull


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When Robert De Niro goes out of his way to be Jake LaMotta, a boxer who takes out his violent bouts of paranoia and jealousy not only in the ring but on his family as well, the audience gets to see a biopic literally straight out of reality. The kind of rage that helped LaMotta become a champ in the ring but left him alone due to the ‘rage’ that led him there.

10. Schindler’s List


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Liam Neeson portrays the life of Oscar Schindler, an individual whose main aim was to make profits out of World War II. The biopic shows the change in the man from a man of profit to a helper of Jews after he views the wretchedness with which they are treated by the Nazis. Generations of Jews that Schindler helped are still alive and are called ‘The Schindler Jews’

11. The Ten Commandments

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We all know the story of Little Moses who was saved from drowning off into the Nile by Bithiah, an Egyptian Pharaoah’s daughter. The Ten Commandments shows the life of the idol Moses and his fight to free the enslaved Hebrews after listening to God’s calling.

12. Spartacus


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A Stanley Kubrick creation, Spartacus throws light on the revolt led by the great revolutionary against the decadent Roman empire. A biopic on how Spartacus, a slave who leads the revolution after being freed off his title and the perils he faces head on makes this biopic a must watch for students of all fields.

13. JFK


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This film led to the re-opening of the files of The Kennedy murder case, such was the impact of the story-line of the masterpiece. A 3 hour intense watch of how a New Orleans DA finds out that there is more to the Kennedy assassination than is being let out. A must watch to gain knowledge about the workings of the American administration and of course the world shattering Kennedy murder.

14. The Doors


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The Doors covers the entire life span of the highly loved musician Jim Morrison, starting from his days as a film student in L.A. to his untimely death in Paris at the young age of 27. The Doors is highly recommended for all Morrison fans as the actor Val Kilmer who plays him not only looks like his twin brother, he even talks like him and has done most of the singing for the entire film.

15. The People vs Larry Flynt

Who is Larry Flynt? He was a pornography publisher of the ‘Hustle’, a porn magazine who faced quite a lot of hurdles against his practice of earning money. This obstacle led him to becoming a symbol of free speech when he fought against the people and continued to do what he wanted.

16. Man on the Moon


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A biopic made on the life of Andy Kaufman, a legendary stand up comedian played by none other than Jim Carrey. Man on the Moon shows you a different side of the life of a stand up comedy artist and of course stunts of the late Andy Kaufman.

P.S: It’s hilarious

17. Coco before Chanel


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It’s always nice to see a film made about the life of a person before they gained stardom. It turns into a motivational meditation of 120 minutes. Coco before Chanel shows the life of the esteemed designer before she turned into such a famous personality. Quite an interesting life of hard work and dedication to reach the top.

18. Im not there


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A Bob Dylan biopic where six characters play different parts of his life. The direction shows the many lives that the singer lived, yes he is not just a singer there were many parts to him that the movie shows beautifully.

19. Blow


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A biopic on George Jung, a man who established the cocaine market in America in the 70’s. A Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz starrer this movie will make you meet not just the Jung family, but Pablo Escobar as well, the Narcos man we are all loving right now.

20. Downfall


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Each biopic on Adolf Hitler cannot go unseen. Now imagine a film through the eyes of Hitler’ final secretary- Traudl Junge. The films shows the personality of the feared dictator during his last days when he turned into a man suffering from paranoia and suicidal depression in his Berlin bunker at the end of the Second World War.


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