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2015 in Review: Top 14 Bollywood Super-Hits

2015 has been a mixed bag of hits and flops. On one side we see epic films like Angry Indian Goddesses trying to break stereotypes while on the other hand we see a so-called invisible Mr X swimming like a block of cement trying to lock lips with the lead actress.

Introductions aside, let’s have a look at the good films that graced our eyes of the Bollywood industry.

Quite a leveled beam balance we got this year, of disasters and super-hits.

  1. Baby


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We all loved Akshay Kumar in Special 26. The plot was intense and the movie received widespread acclaim. Baby succeeds in keeping up 26’s momentum to a gripping level. Directed by Neeraj Pandey with films like A Wednesday and Special 26 being feathers in his cap, he made sure to create a movie that would not only keep the audience entertained, he even succeeded in showing the inside story of the people who protect us day in and out.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 95.56 crore

2. Bajrangi Bhaijaan


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When the promotions began most of us took Bajrangi Bhaijaan as another one of those Sallu movies which will garner all the box office revenues due to Bhai’s presence and nothing else. What we had in store shocked many and flowed quite a lot of tears. The little girl Munni played by Harshaali Malhotra stole more hearts than Salman and the story-line helped in emitting a very strong message that was much needed for the entire human population.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 320.34 crore

3. Drishyam


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Ahh, this movie came in with a blast with its interesting story-line and power packed star cast. The story of the weak and the powerful can never get old and Drishyam not only delivers, it keeps the audience sitting on the edge of their seats throughout. The gripping pace, the performances and the realistic plot helps in reaching out to a large number of audience.

We all can connect with Drishyam, in case you missed it, it’s time you satiate your movie hunger with this one.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 67.13 crore

4. Tanu Weds Many Returns


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KANGANA RANAUT MADE INDIA FALL IN LOVE WITH HER. This movie can never be summarized in a little paragraph. It made us laugh till our stomachs hurt, cry as though we were playing the lead role and made us feel confident about being who we are. This movie has been the most talked about in 2015, judging from the duration till which a movie receives hype on social media. The posts would just not stop!

Box Office Revenue: Rs 150.77 crore

5. Manjhi: The Mountain Man


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Based on a true story of a man who carved out a road through a gigantic mountain in a span of 22 years, Manjhi has the power of leaving your throat choked by just reading its story-line, let alone watching it.

When a film is made on a man who carves out a path through a mountain after his wife dies by slipping off it so that no one else suffers his fate makes you run to the theaters to watch the epic masterpiece. With Nawazuddin Siddiqui playing the Mountain Man, we have no reason to fear or doubt that it will be a super-hit, and it was.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 12.53 crore

6. Talvar


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Talvar helped in reviving the bone-chilling Aarushi Talvar homicide case. A sensitive topic which was treated so clinically and expertly by the entire crew helped in developing the correct questions in the mind of the audience.

A movie of this nature to be made in India is a great thing in itself where the media seems to have the last voice nowadays. Talvar threw light on three different ways in which the case could have taken shape and how so many factors turned it upside down. Who knows if the parents were actually innocent and are suffering for something they never did?

Box Office Revenue: Rs 30.17 crore

7. Detective Byomkesh Bakshi


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A rare treat to be seen in Bollywood, Detective Byomkesh Bakshi was a fun dose of dark humor and mystery. Sushant Singh Rajput’s second best after Kai Po Che, he sure knows what to choose and when. The character totally suits his personality and keeps the audience engaged with the story-line in addition to the perfect background score.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 27.05 crore

8. Badlapur

Badlapur Poster

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The title is enough to describe the story-line, what makes this film stand out is Varun Dhawan’s choice of character; he has never been seen playing the role of a revenge-thirsty guy in is entire film career. Thankfully the story does not only revolve around revenge but questions its concept in an interesting manner. And again, with Nawazuddin being a part it just had to be a double hit.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 50.07 crore

9. Masaan


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After bagging two awards at the Cannes Film Festival, Masaan was screened in the theaters. A film critically acclaimed at such a global event was bound to pull film fanatics to see it for themselves. Two tales based on the conundrums of life that surround us, the different stories people live and the will to move on in spite of all odds makes Masaan a must-watch for all of us.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 3.65 crore

10. Dum Laga Ke Haisha


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It might not have got immense profits at the box office but Dum Laga Ke Haisha was the first film to take a heavy woman as its lead actress in maybe, years! The story-line ‘Love comes in all sizes’ called for it and treated the entire plot beautifully. The plot where Ayushman is forced to marry a girl with too much weight created a film that was different from the rest and gave immense happiness to a niche audience.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 30.19 crore

11. Angry Indian Goddesses


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A movie that millions of Goddesses in India were waiting for, Angry Indian Goddesses was a film Bollywood desperately needed. Keeping antidotes about the censor board at bay, this movie defines the heartbeat of a woman in its entirety. Indian cinema needed a film based on a female buddy group living their life without any inhibitions while the shadow of the real society constantly hovers over them. A must-watch for the whole nation.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 2 crore

12.  Tamasha


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This movie divided the nation into two camps. Some loved it to the point of madness, some hated it so much they felt they wasted precious life hours watching it. All in all, Tamasha did quite a tamasha in a majority of hearts and succeeded in being a hit. A story of discovering oneself with the direction of Imtiaz Ali is bound to be a hit, call it cliched or similar to his previous movies..

In the end he succeeded in showing aspects of many of our real selves on the screen, thus making the movie a hit.

Box Office Revenue:Rs 67.26 crore

13. Bajirao Mastani


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A tale of love of the warrior Baji Rao I and Mastani, a Muslim princess received a warm welcome this year. With a cast like Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh accompanied by the grandiose direction of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the film was bound to experience a high footfall.

Box Office Revenue: Rs 126.05 crore

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