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4 Predictions On The Black Panther Film: Decoding Civil War Post-Credits

You see the ‘real’ Marvel fans in the theater when they stay glued to their seats even when the ending has rolled by. They wait even when millions of names roll across the screen for minutes on end, because they know they will get to watch a snippet of the future in the post-credit scenes, famously called ‘Easter Eggs’ in the West.

As for the post-credits after Civil War, we got the chance to gorge on not just one, but two chiromantic scenes! Yes, the second one did not emit the ‘whoa’ from our lips but it does set the future ball in our mind’s court.

Coming to how Black Panther will be portrayed with the post- credit scenes, our team at Gigareel deducted five ways in which he will be a highly intrinsic part of the Marvel universe.

The non-egoist or the truce maker


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We all know Tony Stark’s ego and Captain’s solid principles and when they both are at heads with each other none can stop them, not even Black Widow. Black Panther’s portrayal in Civil War as the richest and most powerful superhero with his head intact shows that he will be the force of goodwill among the Avengers. His decision to spit out the snake of revenge and opting for a broader view shows that he doesn’t operate on just brawn but a heart as well.

Winter Soldier’s Protector


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Now that half of the Avengers are branded with the criminal tag, for two huge reasons: the repealing of the Accord and Bucky’s protection they need someone influential to protect them. Voila: Black Panther. As we know, he is the richest superhero in the entire universe (yes Batman and Iron Man are poor in front of him) Bucky and the Captain’s Avengers will be in safe hands.

The Technological side of Wakanda


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The movie did not show us the actual side of Wakanda (except a glimpse in the post-credits), the richest and the most modern hub in the universe. Comic lovers will be too excited in anticipation of the Black Panther movie when they will get to see the latest use of gadgets, the store-house of information and a whole lot of high-tech powers that will be much greater than Iron Man’s.

Hiding place for the rise of the Secret Avengers


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Okay, now that we can’t keep calling Captain’s side as the criminal tagged Avengers , a new term for the Avengers on the run is that of the Secret Avengers. As the post-credit scene showed Captain and T’Challa (Black Panther) in conversation with Bucky being locked in a frozen box to recover. We get to see T’Challa promising that he will make sure he protects them with a wide shot of Black Panther’s statue as shown in the comic books. We can predict a war between the US government and the State of Wakanda with the setting of T’Challa’s role as the protector of the Secret Avengers.

Black Panther’s solo film is set to release on February, 2018.

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