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5 Reasons Why Captain America: Civil War Will Not Be Another BVS

We all know the popular opinion about the recently released Dawn of Justice. Not only did it get a 29% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it was majorly disliked by all the fans of the fraternity. People hated it so much that petitions to remove Zack Snyder (Director) from being a part of any future franchises (Justice League) filled the internet as soon as the disaster took place.

Coming to the fate of the upcoming Civil War, which is again a fight between two loved superheroes, we can’t help but be afraid of how this one been polished. But there is no need to worry, as these 5 reasons will make us love Civil ar no matter what.

Marvel earned the Avengers audience the hard way


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Marvel has been setting up the background of the Avengers family since 2008 since the release of Iron Man. Each superhero has got a movie of their own which has made fans connect with them on a recurring basis. From the Iron Man series to the two films on The Avengers, the superheroes have always been together and have made a bond with themselves and the audience. Thus, the story, the humor and the chemistry of the forces will have a grand effect when the movie releases.

The audience actually care about these characters


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No, no we are not saying that the audience does not care about Batman & Superman. These two are probably the most followed superheroes of all time. The point here is that the audience cares about these characters as an entire family. We cannot see Captain America not being the butt of Iron Man’s jokes, nor can we see the camaraderie the team shares when they fight together. Seeing them dividing into two camps would not just be a dope watch, the magnified action between their relationship dynamics has to make Civil War a must-hit.

Each movie takes the story of their universe further


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You just cannot watch Marvel/DC from between. You have to watch the beginning of every series they make to understand the story-line. the humorous connotations, etc. The audience WILL run to the theaters when the movie releases, they know that. Reason being that they want to know what will happen to whom, who can be killed, who will win and the million other cliffhangers that are promoted in all their Easter eggs.

Black Panther, Spiderman and Ant-Man


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Do we even need to elaborate? Black Panther who is viewed as an equal to Captain America will make his debut in the universe! Spidey made the latest trailer go viral with his presence. Whose side will he be on? As he snatches off Captain America’s shield he might be on Iron Man’s side. As for Ant-Man, seeing him using his skills of re-sizing himself to help either of the camps would make it ‘fun’ to watch.

The Avengers have a diverse array of powers and character traits

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No doubt all superheroes have a diverse array of powers, well that’s why they are called superheroes duh. Though with this team there is a show of powers as well as a humanistic show of traits that succeed in making the audience connect so deeply with them. Qualities of ego clashes, unbreakable loyalties, irrational decisions based on emotion rather than logic are the ones that succeed in making the audience laugh and cry on anything that happens to every member of this team.


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