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5 Reasons Why You Must Watch 10 Cloverfield Lane RIGHT NOW!

This post might seem long due as this attention grasping movie was released back in March but as it comes under the top must-watch films of 2016, this post just had to be there (late or never)

I will make it sound like a personal blog more than an article because the movie personally overwhelmed each of my senses. Add to that the mind-blowing revelation over the context the entire movie is made around made this film much higher in my eyes.

So, let’s begin reading some invaluable points which would drive you to go watch this film RIGHT NOW.

(You will surely bless us after watching it)

The unexpected twists


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What the fuck, What the hell, Oh God no is going to be used a lot by you while and after watching this masterpiece. It starts and ends with a huge blast and believe me, you would not be able to predict anything from miles away. Most of the time you are going to be mind-fucked with where is this story going at and the like, but the way each sequence will take you one step deeper into the story’s plot would just erase all doubts off your mind.

Performance at its best


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The protagonist Michelle played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (mostly associated with the horror genre) keeps you on your toes even while you are on your bed. You just cannot sit back in a relaxed posture and watch this film. The pace, the intensity, the perfect performance will keep you hooked to the film and trust me 2 hours of your life will just vanish in one blink.

Not to miss John Goodman’s flawless performance, the film would not have been complete without him.

The story

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It might sound like I am repeating points here but unexpected twists and the story-line are two separate points as the story or should I say the way it has been shown is not on-your-face. You need to understand the hidden connotations behind each dialogue, each costume, each photo and each and everything the camera is trying to show you.

Please don’t wait and watch it for your own good.



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First of all, this is Dan Trachtenberg’s directorial debut. From no angle does it look like a debut as he has nailed each scene flawlessly.

Most of the filming is done on only one set. Apart from that the outdoor shots were taken in Louisiana. Elaborating on the direction, oh boy you would feel like you are the victim running away from your monsters in this film.

Of course you clicked on this article because you know the basic premise of 10 Cloverfield Lane; so just imagine yourself running and fighting off evil monsters (there are so many kinds of monsters in this world) for a good 2 hours.

And tell me if you don’t feel breathless after watching this film.

The end revelation


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As this is a non-spoiler article, I cannot disclose the main pillar or context of this film, don’t worry we will have a full-fledged theory article on this movie post your watch.

As for what the revelation will do to you..

With Cloverfield you would feel the film pushing you to think something beyond what you are watching. The lines that would be thrown at you with their intentional pauses would make you think and actually interact with the film in a way that not many films actually do.

Do watch it to understand what I am hinting at.

And in case you have already watched, type your comments below! 

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