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6 Movies that Will Tingle the Deepest of Your Emotions

It is the most difficult task to create a list of the best movies, books or all the masterpieces created by the billions of creative human brains that surround us. But, out of these there are some masterpieces that beautifully succeed in pulling the strings of our hearts with the utmost ease.

Here is a list of the movies that are sure to leave you with a moviegasm as each cell in your body unfolds an emotion or a question that is not discussed with as much detail in the world that we live in.

One Flew Over the cuckoo’s nest


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There is nothing more beautiful than smiling through pain.

This movie is a blend of madness, intelligence and an unshakable grit which runs with the pace of a hypnotic thriller. The power of a single heart to connect and bring joy to people who are called ‘retarded’ just for being different. The shackle that surrounds them and the way each character plays its own story keeps your emotions running throughout the 2 hour masterpiece. The end is what will keep your heart weeping and smiling at the same time.

The Great Gatsby


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Not only a great love story that leaves you breathless till the end, The Great Gatsby is filled with all the elements of glittering glamour, the power of money and the story of the rich and poor. Leonardo Di Caprio effortlessly keeps your heartbeat above its normal rate with the intensity of love portrayed through his character. The dramatic cinematography, the costumes and the entire setting with the powerful narrative by Tobey Maguire makes all the emotions go for a joyful ride.

Requiem for a Dream


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Jared Leto can never be a part of anything and not succeed in pulling at your very heart strings. Requiem for a dream makes you laugh, cry, dance and endlessly dream. The lengths to which thoughts can make you go and the subsequent decisions people can make leaves a haunted and realistic feeling after watching this work of art.

Schindler’s List


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Liam Neeson plays the eyes and hearts of the audience in this true account of the happenings of World War II. You cannot pause for even a minute throughout the more than 3 hour watch. The gradual change in Oskar Schindler’s personality from a man of profit to a saviour of the Jews now known as the Schindler Jews melts your heart to the core. Sentimentalists are sure to cry through many of the unforgettable scenes.

The Batman Series


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No amount of articles or books can cover the emotions associated with the characters of Batman and the Joker. The masterpiece stays with you for months and even years of watching the film. It helps activate the hidden power that is inside each one of us.

And like all say, there is no Batman without the most fearless Joker.

Mr Nobody


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Ever thought over how life could have been if you would have taken another decision in place of what you actually did? Mr Nobody is filled with an entire series of the power of choice and the possibility of living everything that comes our way instead of having to choose one over the other. Sounds confusing? Well, the creative masters have portrayed the message with a beautiful intensity that will keep you all pumped up from the beginning till the end.


There are many, many more that deserve to be in this list that succeed in delving deep into our hearts. Fight Club! American Psycho, American History X and a million more.

Would be more than happy for you to add your most loved movies to this list!



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