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7 Actors Who We Can’t Imagine Playing Any Other Role

It is terrible for any actor to be stuck in one role for the rest of their lives. Well, it might not be as terrible as not being remembered at all but yeah, it gets tough for some actors to be cast in any other movie as the viewer CANNOT imagine them as anything other than the best role they have played in their entire career.

Let’s have a look at some actors who reached the pinnacle of their careers with these roles and will always be remembered with the peak roles they played.

Daniel Radcliffe- Harry Potter

harry potter

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He grew up in that role! How can he ever get away from that? Agreed, he continued doing films as soon as Harry Potter ended but his image as Voldemort’s obsession and the Chosen One cannot and will not be rubbed off ever. And going by the permanent craze for the series, he is stuck. Forever.

Anna Gunn- Breaking Bad


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Being remembered as the hateful, snobbish, irritating wife might be a handshake with Satan for Anna Gunn who will be remembered as Skyler White all her life. The wife who stayed by her husband’s side but continued to make his life and our life hell by showing her various shades of dread. Well, all the best Anna.

Mark Hamill- Star Wars


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Luke Skywalker= Mark Hamill. He might be a regular voice giver as the Joker in all of Batman’s animated versions, but Hamill will always be known as the First Jedi who got trained by Yoda . Now that we see him reprising his role in Episode VIII, he surely has no chance of ridding himself of this image.

Linda Blair- The Exorcist

the exorcist

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The child artist who continues to make hearts fail till date, she will always be remembered for her role as the possessed child in one of the scariest movies to ever be made. Can you even recall any other role on her except this?

There you got your answer right there.

Robert Pattinson- Twilight


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Oh, Twilight’s Edward Cullen? Isn’t he the hottest? We got so used to seeing him in that frosty, icy and hiding his blood-thirsty look that seeing him without all that vampire make-up was a nightmare. He made us feel vampires should be real and in the process got typecast in being one all his life.

Elijah Wood- Lord of The Rings


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Frodo, the leading Elf of the fellowship. He got so perfectly molded into the role that you just cannot imagine him playing any other role except gem-eyed Frodo.

David Schwimmer- Friends


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You just cannot take him seriously in American Crime Story. He was, is and will always be funny old Ross till the time he continues acting. Rachel and Ross’ electric history ‘cannot’ be forgotten ever and seeing either of them playing any other role is always a shade lighter compared to seeing them in Friends.

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