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7 Directors Who Are Kicking Ass With Every Movie They Release

It is not easy to be a director. Especially when you have the shoes of stalwarts like Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick (just some names) to fill. If you look at today’s cinema, a director is loved more if he knows how to surprise us; in a way that whatever he does next leaves us with a blank slate for anticipation as to what would be filling up his mind right now.

In short, a director who is open to take risks. Let’s take a look at the directors who have been entertaining us as much as they have been entertaining themselves by jumping into various film texts, creating various characters and scripts that we would never be able to guess.

Richard Linklater

a portrait of richard linklater, famous for movies like boyhood, before sunrise

Source: Games Radar

A person who can tell stories picked up from observations of human life can do anything in the world. What’s better than watching a movie about the phases people go through while growing up or falling in painful love? Linklater not only masters in picking up very minute yet significant details from the lives of humans, he manages to successfully package the entire story into a beautiful film that stays etched in our hearts for a long time.

Must-watch films:  Before trilogy (Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight), Boyhood, Dazed and Confused

David Fincher

portrait of david fincher, director of se7en, social network

Source: Cinemaholic

This man needs no introduction. If you manage to even see one of his movies, I am sure your next aim in life would be to gobble up each film he has ever made. From films based on actual people (Mark Zuckerberg) to thrillers with mind-fucking endings (Se7en), David Fincher has the power to mould a film just like a piece of clay used to create a beautiful pot.

Must-watch films: Se7en, The Social Network, Fight Club

The Coen Brothers


Source: Head Stuff

Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, the super talented Coen brothers have this amazing quality of jumping into any genre they like and making a masterpiece out of it. You do not have a ‘hero’ in their film, just a bunch of characters who are filled with such idiosyncrasies that would be beyond your imagination. Their films have this artistic way of portraying dark comedy that is hard to find with any other director.

Must-watch films: The Big Lebowski, Inside Llewyn Davis, No country for old men

Alejandro González Iñárritu

alejandro inarritu

Source: The Guardian

He recently won the Oscar for the Best Director for The Revenant! Apart from that his films are considered to have the most perfect form of cinematography that ever was there. From Keaton’s Birdman to Pitt’s Babel Inarritu knows how to blend the qualities of darkness in the human mind in his characters and create brillianct symphonies out of it.

Must-watch films: The Revenant, Birdman, Amores Perros

Christopher Nolan


Source: Cinema Blend

I would not say that he loves to experiment, but this statement can also be incorrect. First of all, Nolan is in love with making films after his obsession with the human mind. And the human mind is ‘vast’, its magnificently ‘vast’. From the normal person’s mind to a person suffering from severe mind games, there are millions of things Nolan can and does pick up to create his characters. And the best part is, we never realize how he succeeds in flabbergasting us out of nowhere.

Must-watch films: Dark Knight trilogy, Memento, Inception

Alfonso Cuaron


Source: Indie Wire

Again we have a genius from the Spanish realm after Inarritu, Cuaron is famous for films crossing genres of sci-fi, human relationships and cultural happenings. His films have a deep root on which the story runs and are backed by data that would shut any skeptic’s mouth (for the sci-fi genre).

Must-watch films: Gravity, Children of Men, Y tu mama tambien

Wes Anderson


Source: Cinemaholic

A personal favorite as his kind of films have a poetic appeal and charisma with a LOT of colors. Yes! His films are like a painting filled with a multitude of colors that succeed in refreshing your senses to a child-like level. The characters in his film have a unique persona that cannot be seen in any other kind of film, sort of like a creature coming to life out of a sketch book.

Must-watch films: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Darjeeling Unlimited, Fantastic Mister Fox (animated)

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