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7 Times Movies made ‘Movie References’ on Purpose and We Didn’t Notice

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Film makers are movie fans. Period. And if i may go out on a limb here, they are nerds of the highest order. They make movies and get influenced by directors, actors, writers, stories, and what not. Referring to their favorite movies in their own twisted manner is their way to get off or may be, just may be, pay tribute to their favourite scenes, heroes, or movies. But we’ll never know for sure why they make these ‘movie references’. What we know is that they do refer to other scenes and movies and more often than not, they don’t do it for us to see – – but us being us, we see everything.

Filmmakers do not leave a chance to sneak in some obscure reference to their favorite movies.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Pulp Fiction

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Remember how Samuel L. Jackson’s character in Pulp Fiction was famous for reciting the Bible? In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, there is a scene where we see the gravestone of Nick Fury and guess what? It reads: “The path of the righteous man…. ” Ezekiel 25:17 – the same verse that Jules Winnfield, Samuel’s character inPulp Fiction repeats.

Phantom Menace – 2001: A Space Odyssey 

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One of the most subtle and well-hidden movie references you will come across. The EVA Pod from the classic Stanley Kubrick movie can be seen left untouched in a junkyard in Phantom Menace. Look for it next time, okay?

The Social Network – Fight Club

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Mark Zuckerberg famously used a fake account to cheat in an exam – the scene is in The Social Network. During the scene you can see his username mentioned Tyler Durden’s name which is actually a famous character of Fight Club, also directed by David Fincher.

We like Tyler Durden, but who thought David Fincher did, too.

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe – The Empire Strikes Back

In every single movie released in the second phase of MCU, someone loses their hand [you did not pay attention, did you?]. Iron Man 3, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Ant-Man are all part of the second phase in case you didn’t know that either. The producers of the movies have confirmed that this was not their intention but it became a pattern. They started paying tribute to Luke Skywalker’s character [he loses a hand in Empire Strikes Back].

Some of these movie references are downright criminal to be honest.

The Incredibles – Die Hard with a Vengeance

In The Incredibles, Samuel L. Jackson gives his voice to the character of Frozone, who is confronted by a police officer at gunpoint when he forcefully breaks into a jewellery store. Replace the water dispenser in The Incredibles with a ringing phone booth and you get Die Hard With a Vengeance. Funnily, Samuel L. Jackson is the one who confronted by a police officer in Die Hard.

Boogie Nights – Star Wars: New Hope

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TK-421 is the designation of the poor stormtropper whose shiny, white armour Luke Skywalker steals in Star Wars: New hope. What is the reference here? In Boogie Nights, Buck Swope, played by Don Cheadle, tries to upsell a stereo named TK-421. We have done our homework here…

Die Hard with a Vengeance – Pulp Fiction

John McClaine was not one to share his emotions, or anything for that matter but in one scene in Die Hard With a Vengeance, Bruce Willis tells Zeus Carver [Samuel L. Jackson] that he when he was suspended from the police not so long ago, he spent most of his time watching ‘Captain Kangaroo’ and ‘smoking’ – a quote from the song ‘Flowers on the Wall’ that Bruce’s character in Pulp Fiction used to sing.

Well, here are the 7 we could find. We’ll come back with more for you, obviously, but in the mean time watch this short film which will surely make you cry in less than 7 Minutes. Sorry, in advance.


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