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8 Movies That Succeed In Questioning Your Beliefs

Movies are man’s best creation on an eternal basis. You can’t help but agree right? Why wouldn’t they, movies have the power to hypnotize you with their action, drama, mystery, emotions and what not! There are millions of movies that succeed in swaying our emotions and let us not forget the ones that not only sway our emotions but manage to make us go wild researching about whatever they portray. Sort of like throwing a blanket of ‘Have I been lied to all my life?’ ‘Can such things really happen?’ etc. etc.

Here we have for you 10 such movies that make you say ‘What if this happened to me’ each time you see them.

Ex Machina


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A recent film based on artificial intelligence, Ex Machina is not for everyone. Though for the ones who can understand its deep connotations will be bowled over with the power of human geniuses, technology and the future of AI. Mostly we see movies where the man-made robots are a threat to the generation, they are totally inhuman pieces of machines. Ex Machina will wipe all those thoughts in your head. It creepily makes you meet this AI played by Alicia Vikander who looks more human than actual human beings.

*a  mind blowing eye-opener*

The Truman Show


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Can easily be called Jim Carrey’s best performance, The Truman Show will make you question your full existence.

Imagine if your entire life was a planted lie with a planted family, a planted house and planted emotions!?

This film is about Truman Burbank, a guy whose entire life is recorded by thousands of hidden cameras since his birth. His life is actually a reality show on record every moment! Even his parents are played by actors of this reality television show while he continues to view it as his real life. Not only will this guy’s life fuck your head, it will make you wonder if you are also stuck in this dilemma for a good one day.

That’s how deep the movie is.

Mr Nobody


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This movie cannot be summed up in words and HAS to be seen by every human soul. It makes you go into this trance where you re-cap your own life and imagine if you had the chance to just live whatever came your way without the need of ‘making a choice’ or choosing one over the other. Mr Nobody is played by the flawless Jared Leto and he takes you on a ride into his life with varied pieces of jigsaw puzzles that show you the humongous power of life and the choices we make.



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Spotlight got the Academy Award for the Best Film at the Oscars, 2016. This film dug into the investigation into cases of widespread and systemic child sex abuse in the Boston area by numerous Roman Catholic priests by a team of journalists. It is based on a series of stories by the actual Spotlight Team that earned The Globe the 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

This film is a masterpiece and makes you question religion, the so-called heads of these religions and the practices behind closed curtains.



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What happens when a writer’s obsession with getting material for his book turns him into one of the men he is trying to follow.

This writer walks around, noticing people and following them to get some snippets from their life for his book. After randomly following a number of people, he chooses this one guy who roams around in a black suit. The man in the suit after noticing that he is being followed introduces himself to the writer as a serial burglar and invites the writer to join him in his escapades. What follows is a complete change in the writer from a searcher of material for his book to an obsessed serial burglar himself.

Christopher Nolan’s directorial debut, Following makes you question how one small objective can turn into a deep dark obsession without you even knowing it.



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Yes, you got the meaning correct. This movie is about ‘pi’, the mathematical constant. Though it is not a biography of the founder  but about a guy called Max Cohen who plays the role of a number theorist who believes that whatever happens in nature can be understood by numbers. Theories about Fibonnaci sequence, the Jew number system of Torah makes you delve deep into how the irrational, unpredictable concept of life CAN be measured and predicted with the help of numbers.

The Schindler’s List


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Based on the world’s most shocking happenings revolving around Hitler, Germany and the Nazi propaganda, this movie can make you cry your eyes out and question the meaning of humanity for hours.

What drives people to become such monsters that they can burn, kill and wipe out an entire tribe on the basis of nothing! Nothing at all.

This film is about Oscar Schindler who is a businessman with the main motive of expanding his wealth during the war times in Nazi Germany, what follows is a complete turn in his personality when he experiences first-hand the tortures faced by the Jew minority. Thus, he plans to save as many as he can.

You can still meet a Schindler Jew who was saved by this man on the streets today.

Perfume: Story of a Murderer


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Imagine a movie where a guy is so obsessed with the power of inventing scents that he kills a beautiful girl in the process. This story is about a guy named Jean-Baptiste Grenouille who is sentenced to death for killing a girl, what makes him kill this girl is his obsession with her unique scent. You can see him creepily sniffing her to understand the formula of her scent. Even after killing her he tries to sniff all over her dead body to understand her fragrance.

Of course it wouldn’t make you go like has my life been a lie, but it will surely make you think about the manufacturers of various perfumes. Can this obsession really turn them into psychopath murderers in extreme cases?

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