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A Heavyweight Tribute To Muhammad Ali Through His Iconic Movies

It’s a sad day today. The news of Muhammad Ali, the legendary heavyweight boxing champion’s demise not only saddens our hearts but makes us realize the subtraction of yet another genius from our worlds. He wil always be remembered as the tough fighter who made us also tough with his insightful quotes.

As a form of tribute, let’s list down some of the greatest biographies made on the legend that he was. Not only was he the main subject in the following biographies, he even played the lead character in some.

Let’s relive his greatness through the films listed below.

The Greatest (1977)

muhammad ali in his first biographical movie The Greatest

As the ‘Greatest’ adjective suits him best, the film-makers of this movie decided to commemorate him with such a title. In the film The Greatest, Muhammad Ali plays himself. It was directed by Tom Gries and Monte Hellman. The film follows Ali’s life from the 1960 Olympics to his regaining the heavyweight crown from George Foreman in their famous “Rumble in the Jungle” fight in 1974. It also covers his personal life from a man named Cassius Clay to the legendary Muhammad Ali and his conversion to Islam.

Ali (2013)

a fighting scene between will smith in the biopic ali

Ali is a biopic of the champion boxer Muhammad Ali, chronicling his rise to stardom, his first marriage and conversion to Islam. Will Smith plays Ali with direction by Michael Mann; highly famous for movies like Heat and Public Enemies. The film shows the rise of Muhammad Ali from his early days to the ring and presents an uncensored version of the true personality of the legend.

The Super Fight (1970)

rocky marciano and muhammad ali's fight still

Even though this does not come under the biographical genre, The Super Fight is a must-watch to know the level of craze of the fights between Muhammad Ali and his competitors. The movie was a fictional boxing match between Rocky Marciano and Muhammad Ali shot in 1969. At the time, Ali and Marciano were the only undefeated heavyweight champions in history and fans often debated who would win had they met in their primes. Ali and Marciano were filmed acting out every possible scenario in a fight and the result was then determined using probability formulas entered into a computer.

Kings of the World (2000)

a still from muhammad ali's biopic kings of the world

In Kings of the World, you get to see the early stages of the career of  Muhammad Ali (then known as Cassius Clay), which is portrayed by Terrence Howard. It is based upon a biography of the same name by David Remnick, a must-read account of the legend who wasn’t afraid to be a legend.

The Trials of Muhammad Ali (2013)

the film poster of the trails of muhammad ali in red and black

Muhammad Ali is also famous for fighting against being enlisted for the Vietnam war. In this documentary we see a focus on this part of his life when he fought a five year prison sentence for refusing military service in Vietnam. Here you get to see his fighter spirit continuing even outside the ring.

Don’t wait a second and watch the movie you think best defines the heavyweight champion 🙂

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