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Did You Know Titanic was Not Leonardo DiCaprio’s Debut?

Every A-list celebrity has to have many firsts to reach the stars. Imagining them playing small roles in soap operas might be tough to digest, have a look at the many firsts of some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Santa Barbara


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In the ‘80s Leo played the role of a young kid in Santa Barbara. The future Titanic and Inception star appeared as the younger version of the character Mason in a flashback.

10 years before we fell in love with him in Titanic!

Brad Pitt, Another World


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Did you know that Brad Pitt got his first television speaking role on the soap opera called Another World in 1987? The actor played a young basketball player named Chris.

Demi Moore, General Hospital


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From 1982-1983 Demi Moore played Jackie Templeton on General Hospital. The actor played the role of an investigative journalist long before becoming a hit in the movies that made her win our hearts.

Julianne Moore, As the World Turns


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Before winning the Oscars and Golden Globes, Moore won a Daytime Emmy for portraying both Frannie and Sabrina Hughes on As the World Turns. From 1985 to 1988, Moore played Frannie as well as her identical half-sister and cousin Sabrina.

Ricky Martin, General Hospital


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His career did not just start with singing. Back in the mid-‘90s, Martin was living la vida drama on General Hospital. He played Miguel Morez, a singer with a troubled past.

Kevin Bacon, Guiding Light


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Bacon moved to New York City at 17 to try to make it big. National Lampoon’s Animal House was eyed as his big break in 1978 but it didn’t quite launch him to fame, so he went back to waiting tables and taking small roles on soap operas like Guiding Light.

And now, we can’t imagine Hollywood without him.

Morgan Freeman, Ryan’s Hope


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Freeman didn’t start his acting career until he was well into his 20’s. Before becoming the Morgan Freeman we all know today, he used his iconic voice in roles on soap operas like Ryan’s Hope and Another World through the early ‘80s.

Lindsay Lohan, Another World


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Before fans fell in love with LiLo in The Parent Trap, she was playing Alli Fowler on Another World from 1996 to 1997. Lohan had already been a fashion model with Ford Models since the age of 3, and at the time of her television debut, was considered a young show-business veteran.

Hayden Panettiere, One Life to Live


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Fans may remember Panettiere’s early acting days from her role in the classic 2000 film Remember the Titans, but she was acting on soap operas years before that. The young star played Sarah Roberts on One Life to Live from 1994 to 1997, and then went on to play Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light in the late 1990s.

Robin Wright, Santa Barbara


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Currently famous for playing the icy Claire Underwood on House of Cards and for her roles in 1994’s Forrest Gump and 1987’s The Princess Bride, Robin Wright’s first acting job was playing Kelly Capwell, one of the protagonists on the soap opera Santa Barbara.

It’s tough to accept that the two characters are played by the same person.


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