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A Film For The Common Man

“Log naam mein mazhab dhoond lete hain”

“People find religion in a name”

A line that resounds like an echo in our minds  after viewing the highly gripping intensity of the Naseerudin Khan starrer A Wednesday.

A story line that people from all over the world can connect with, A Wednesday is a normal day in the life of a common man trying to raise his voice against the adjustments he has to make against fear and uncertain violence.

Thousands to millions of people lose their lives due to insane religious violence and hard to understand cultural intolerance. Killings done in the name of religion, owning this and that land or territory is quite common throughout the length and breadth of the world. What happens after some time passes after these tragically violent days? Mourning and peace marches, acceptance and eventually a terrifying dissemination of fear.

What Naseeruddin Shah has done in this film should be done by citizens of every country. Why should we, normal office-going, vegetable buying people be scared of going places for fear of being blasted off any moment? With every new blast comes another fear which succeeds in consuming us till the insides of our skin, till we fail to even question it anymore.

The common man just accepts and leaves the decision making to the government it chooses, a government whose job it is to be stronger than these unseen forces.

With the alarming uncertainty in the governance which chooses to  take years to pass a decision of what punishment a murderer of not one but millions of lives should get, what hope does the common man get in the end?

Yet another blast with more lives just wiped off in an instant?

This film succeeds in showing what a common man can do when he just stops the office-going and the idiot box watching and stands up against the injustice faced by him on his own. You might think he knows nothing except being fed the news or the discussion of family issues.

FYI: He has the power to give back and vent out his anger as and when he pleases.

This film shows that just because the common man is sweet and harmless and does not have the ugly face of a terrorist with RDX packed in his bags, his opinion doesn’t matter.

Hardly in 1 hour and 40 minutes, this film successfully addresses the most pressing issue of our times.

The script, the dialogues, the choice of the starcast with Anupam Kher, Naseerudin Shah and cant-take-my-eyes-off Jimmy Shergill, the location, the cinematography, each and everything succeeds in creating the perfect stage for a masterpiece in its truest sense.

So if you have not been able to see A Wednesday due to any reason whatsoever, just download it right away and feel the power of being such an important part of the world.

A world where ‘only’ your name does not lead your personality.


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