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Lust Stories: Why It’s Netflix’ Perfect Midnight Snack

Movie: Lust Stories

Where to watch: Netflix

Directors: Anurag Kashyap. Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee, Karan Johar

An extension to what began in 2013 as Bombay Talkies when the talented 4 got together to direct their own story, we now have Lust Stories to give Indian cinema the push it deserves.

With Race 3 being released on the same day as Lust Stories, it’s like Indian filmmakers are showing that they are made of all shades of entertainment.

Let’s just say it,

“Their business is their business, None of our business”

Lust Stories reignites the spirit of cinema that connects, by picking instances we can totally relate with.

Story 1- Anurag Kashyap

radhika and akash thosar apte in lust stories

Source: Santa Banta

The first film directed by Anurag Kashyap and co-written by him and Radhika Apte takes you on a journey of a female professor who has a fling with her student. The first thought you get with such a is of steamy sex scenes and the leading emotional baggage.

But the fresh story which focusses on Radhika’s free-spirited and IDGAF attitude throws the blinds on the silent society judgement creeping up in the audience’s head. It defines her character as a woman who isn’t afraid to make her decisions and can love relentlessly in her own whimsical ways.

The casting of Akash Thosar of Sairat’s fame made us feel like Karan Johar saw his share while adapting it for Dhadak :p

The performances are too real and fresh to even pause for a moment.

Story 2- Zoya Akhtar

bhumi in lust stories

Source: Livemint

The love for her just keeps getting stronger, doesn’t it?

The Zoya Akhtar-directed story shows an affair between a guy from a middle class family (Neil Bhoopalam) and his domestic help (Bhumi Pednekar). The direction is outstanding and says so much even in its silence. Camera shots of the living space, the detailing of Bhumi Pednekar’s character who plays the maid- the chipped nail paint, the slippers she wears, everyday dialogues used by Neil’s family.

The film’s feel will make you say, oh my god, one day I would also love to direct such a detailed concept of a simple story.

Story 3- Dibakar Banerjee

manisha koirala in lust stories

Source: Wionews

Manisha Koirala, Sanjay Kapoor and Jaideep Ahlawat show the turn marriages take once partners grow separate ways. With Manisha Koirala cheating on her husband with his best friend, you wait for an explosion of guilt and emotions. What we see instead is a strong female lead who is done losing herself living a life of which she is not an active participant. A doting mother, a perfect wife- she cannot and does not want to depend on her family’s needs to set her lifestyle.

The frustration with regular quarrels makes her cheat; first afraid, she decides to face it and sheds a heavy rock off her chest by letting her husband (Sanjay Kapoor) know the truth without any guilt.

Story 4- Karan Johar

kiara advani and vicky kaushal in lust stories

Source: TimesWioNews

Just like he isn’t afraid of being himself, we get to see Karan Johar’s characters explore every facet of their being. You get to see Vicky Kaushal as an irritating douche who doesn’t understand the concept of female orgasms or satisfaction. He gets married to Kiara Advani– who looks as beautiful as ever! Kiara is frustrated with her husband managing to last for as long as 5 seconds while having sex. She learns of the power of a vibrator through Neha Dhupia– her fellow colleague in school. What follows is an exciting story-line we would hate for you to miss.

Karan Johar, we really are proud of you being unafraid of utilising your own filmy creations.

All in all, Lust Stories is a fresh breather in the midst of highly opinionated content everywhere. We suggest watching it as soon as you get the time!


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