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33 Breathtaking Shots From Amelie That Define Love & Romance

amelie and nino on the bike

Film: Amelie

Picture Courtesy: Screen Musings

French cinema is BEAUTIFUL. These guys have the creativity gene flowing through their veins and they make sure you get to see that in each film they make. The film starts and ends with a melody and your eyes just cannot move away from the multitude of colors filling your screen. Add to that the beautiful rhythms playing in the background and you are set to have a champagne filled hangover.

When you speak of French cinema, the first movie that comes to one’s mind is either Malena or Amelie. They are like the first level of entry into the beautiful treasure of cinema created by the French romantics.

Courtesy Screen Musings, we have for you 33 breathtaking images from the film Amelie that definitely have been framed by millions of cinema lovers from across the globe.

P.S: If you have watched the movie, the captions below will surely hit that chord of nostalgia.

amelie begining sequence, eating strawberries

The film starts with images from Amelie’s childhood. The pictures are enough to make you fall in love with her <3

amelie as zorro

Amelie dressed as Zorro to set a mystery trail for her love Nino.

amelie and her cat

Amelie’s cat listening to humans talk 😀

amelie in the movie hall

Amelie in the movie hall


This balcony has many stories to tell

people orgasming in amelie

Amelie counting the number of people orgasming at a certain time

the tin box in amelie

Amelie finds a hidden treasure


Amelie surprises Bretodeau with his childhood treasure

bordetotu droping marbles

Bretodeau reminisces about his childhood

amelie helping the blind man cross the street

Amelie helps a blind man cross the road. FYI the Bollywood film Ghajini definitely stole this scene.

the blind man in amelie

This shot will make even a non-stoner high

amelie in her balcony

Cooking has never looked so beautiful before

amelie's heart

Nino imagines Amelie’s beating heart

polaroid of gnome in amelie

The gnome’s travel diaries

amelie drone view of the street


Lucien shows off his magical skills to Dufayel

amelie smiling

Dufayel and Amelie share a moment

note by amelie to nino

Amelie pastes a note on Nino’s bike

snapshot of booth photos

Nino’s hobby of collecting photos

pigeons eating grains on the arrow sign in amelie

Amelie’s millionth stratagem

the girl's painting in amelie

Dufayel painting

amelie in front of a costume shop

Amelie goes to the costume store

the gnome's pictures in amelie

Polaroids of the Gnome’s travels

nino smiling at amelie in the cafe

Nino and Amelie talk for the first time

amelie and nino against the door

Amelie and Nino finally meet alone

amelie kissing nino

Romance could never be sweeter

amelie and her love


amelie's persian cat

Amelie’s kitty watches the two make love 

amelie lying with nino

Love at its truest form

painter in amelie

Dufayel finally completes his painting

amelie's father leaving for his flight

Amelie’s father goes on a vacation for the first time in his life


Amelie and Nino celebrate their love

amelie and nino on the bike


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