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Suicide Squad Is Not Suicide, It Is A Super Fun Ride

There is something extremely similar about movie critics nowadays, they all think in the same tangent. It might be due to their incredible experience but rubbing onto the wounds of such a diverse set of actors and directors who go out of their way to entertain you is a tad bit; no, it is very very harsh.

You’re lucky you won’t be hurt very very bad due to this, though many of us dream of that.

With the mounting reviews slipping onto the negative side for Suicide Squad, I trust many people would be entering the theater with just one thought in mind: Am I wasting my money?

With the subsequent thoughts finishing the mind’s voice: Damn, it din’t even cut to a 40 on Rotten Tomatoes (and they are like the Word of God when it comes to cinema right).

Coming to the entertainment factor experienced by me and my friends while watching Suicide Squad, it was a sure shot 70% in comparison to ‘Suicide Squad shooting itself in the foot’ according to these ‘amazing’ movie scores.

screenshot of rotten tomatoes

Screenshot of an article on Rotten Tomatoes

A lot many news publications are talking about fans making Rotten Tomatoes a scapegoat for being such a douche, but why wouldn’t they. They define the meaning of douchebags for ripping into little shreds a film that not only got the use of eye-candy colors afoot but got the ‘most diverse cast of villains’ together. Not to miss the incredible music!

Each character might not have nailed their particular role but all in all the movie succeeded in keeping the audience entertained with more than 15 perfectly synchronized comedic timings and flawless dialogues (except for maybe Joker’s because David Ayer cut too much of his role for ‘his’ cut apparently).

The story (mainly the end) might feel inspired from Bollywood where nobody dies and everyone is happy but the performances, the music, the setting, costumes and the punch dialogues let you forget the Bollywood factor quite easily.


source: ibtimes

Coming to a take-by-take sequence review of the movie, let me take you on a visual non-spoiler ride. The beginning might seem close to riding on a roller-coaster as the many introductions of the ‘bad gang’ had to be rushed to squeeze in the fantastical story-line.

Jared Leto’s entry will fail to produce the awe that was developed in your veins since the teaser released last year. It felt like he had to pace and exaggerate each line he was given from ‘I’m not gonna kill you, I’m just gonna hurt you real real bad’ owing to his crunched up screen time.

jared leto in suicide squad

source: dailymail

Btw, he is really pissed about the final cut. So blame the director, not him! (sorry I can’t hear anything against him, he is my dream soulmate)

Soulmate and love aside, Leto owing to less screen-time or not failed to leave an impression you were waiting for and that surely kills something inside you as THE JOKER was the main marketing icon of the squad.

margot robbie in suicide squad

source: ign

As for his peppy, oozing of sexiness girlfriend Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) has given each cell in her body to master this role. The movie would not have cut even 10 tomatoes if she would not have played the role. Her laugh was more infectious than Joker’s, well his was supposed to make your hair stand on end but it did not. As for them romancing, it is surely a relationship filled with a zeal of two maniacs and cannot be compared against a sample. Because it’s so novel to be shown on-screen that it demands to be enjoyed; and you will, not the whole of it but 50% of it as again the Joker is cut off quite a lot so it’s hard to connect to his side of the chemistry.

the joker

source: collider

deadshot and harley quinn

source: flickeringmyth

Will Smith is the spine of the squad, he is funny, has been gifted with extremely juicy punches and has successfully managed to get under the skin of Dead Shot. Harley Quinn and Deadshot’s friendship did bring a big smile on my lips, and they really made a fun pair.

jau as diablo in suicide squad

source: bustle

Diablo (Jay Hernandez) got his screen time torching many people and it was fun to watch him incinerate a whole pack of slimy looking poop creatures.  Not to forget his one-on-one with the scary monster. Way to go Jay!

jai courtney

source: cinemablend

Boomerang (Jai Courtney) brought a nice shade of ‘no honour among thieves’ to the Squad by getting Slipknot killed to test the application of Waller’s device. (One spoiler down)

Katana (Karen Fukuhara) did what we all expected her to do, she sliced off people with her sword which captures souls. And obviously threw in some Japanese.

suicide squad

source: screenrant

The Ugly looking croc made us laugh our hearts with a line I can’t help but quote, ‘Not me shorty, I am beautiful’ when Harley calls him ugly. And a few more punch lines which you will love when you watch the film.

Rick Flag (Joel Kinnaman) did a god job of leading the Suicide Squad and helplessly falling in love with the Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) (second spoiler down).

enchantress suicide squad

source: moviepilot

As for Cara Delevingne I can’t describe what she did as I don’t want to shower you with a spoiler ridden review. But it was good they cast her for this role, the evil witch who has grandiose plans which you most probably could not guess in the trailer.

Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller

Annalise Keating

Annalise Keating

Lastly, Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) did not have to prepare much for this role as Annalise Keating of How to get away with murder and Amanda Waller have quite a bit in common. They are ruthless, selfish, unpredictable and unafraid of anyone they come across.

All in all, I swear you would not feel like the movie is bad or a waste. We humans always pine to see perfection in everything around us even when we ourselves would not be capable of writing even one punch-line for any Squad member.

Leave the tomato reviews aside, and enjoy watching the Squad wreaking havoc in your mind even after you leave the theater.


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