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Must-Watch Movies (On Netflix) This Quarantine

movie recommendations on netflix

A little late (well, very late) to the party, but a good movie recommendation list is nothing less than discovering a gold mine!

Find below, movies which are divided according to your ‘mood’, with a little something on what they’re about and the feeling they communicate via various screens to your mind space.

This list is always going to be under construction, so feel free to give in your inputs too!


Also, just click on any film’s title to watch their trailer if their description and vibe interests you 🙂

Let’s dive in, shall we!


Best Movies on Netflix

Just Wanna’ Relax Vibe

The movies under this banner come under the relaxing and fun type; a movie where too much of your mind isn’t used, but what is, are your other senses: your heart, your laugh & memories of a time well spent.

Lust Stories

What: You get to explore four different story-lines by acclaimed directors Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Dibakar Banerjee, and Karan Johar. It covers stuff on modern relationships from the perspective of four different women.

How: You’re bound to feel entertained, maybe have your creative juices flowing as well. For me personally, well, I have been crushing on Kiara Advani since I saw ‘the’ Lust Story 😉


We’re the Millers

What: You get to see Jennifer Aniston! Do I need to say anymore? Starring opposite faces you will definitely love to see, spend 2 hours smuggling drugs for your boss, forming fake families and a being a part of a whole lot of drama!

How: You won’t feel like you wasted any quarantine time, it’s a good distraction from a pensive mood without having to be all-ready to ‘watch watch’, getting what I’m saying?


Silver Linings Playbook

What: I’m a sucker for Jennifer Lawrence, so (um, do we sense a pattern here?). Starring opposite Bradley Cooper, you’ll get to see a lot of emotions in this film. It covers stuff on mental health, marriage, love, and one of the most eccentric romances you can watch.

How: You’ll believe in the power of silver linings in a world which sucks (Yeah, a big finger to you 2020). It can be called a crazy love story of two people going through a tough time in their lives, but just like the film’s title, you’re bound to end the movie with a smile on your face.


Yes Man

What: You see Jim Carrey choosing to make his life better by saying to yes to ‘everything’ for one entire year. Watch him opt for a hell of a crazy ride, and do join him!

How: Many people would place it under comedy, but I haven’t defined films that way here, and for me, this film gave me a fun and relaxed vibe.


He’s just not that into you

What: Watch the lives of people, just like you, falling in love and facing heartbreaks but taking life as it comes. Also, don’t miss some super fun scenes and situations.

How: This might leave you with a bittersweet feeling, just like life is. But it has its share of good and bad moments, along with a super studded star cast.


I just wanna laugh, okay!

These recommendations are plain hilarious. But, comedy being so damn subjective, you might hate me or love me. But, if we laugh at similar things, I’m glad I could be of help! 😀


The Interview

What: Seth Rogen takes the second spot in from of Evan Goldberg who doesn’t give you one little moment to catch your breath. Both of them play entertainment journalists, off to interview the infamous Kim Jong, and as I can’t describe the innumerable moments of my laugh, it is better if you watch it right now!

How: You’ll probably be lying down and replaying all the scenes to laugh a little more.


The Dictator

What: I was planning to place it under the super gross banner as there is a particular image I just haven’t got out of my head, and you will too once you watch it. This movie leaves crazy far behind. The satire is so direct that you can’t help but wonder, ‘Will these people be arrested now?’

How: As the satire is mind-blowing, your pressure points are going to reduce seeing how it is possible to talk about things without screaming yourself hoarse. All the movies with Sacha Baron Cohen are a must-watch.


I didn’t see that coming!

This is for the times when the ending makes you look at the screen in shock, hit a pause and rewind to process what just happened. Yes, those movies we all love to watch 😀


Shutter Island

What: Past, present, and interconnected stories leading to a film which is going to be your all-time favourite. Watch Leonardo Caprio at his peak with Scorcese’s brilliant direction in one of the grittiest dramas, ever.

How: Beware of the flies crawling inside your mouth, it’ll be left open for too long.


Uncut Gems

What: First of all, this movie is so fast-paced, you have to see it with all your concentration to keep up. Great for people who like to bet on sports (hush hush), Uncut Gems is about a man betting all his stakes on a so-called precious uncut gem sourced all the way from Ethiopia. You get to see Kevin Garnett, one of the greatest power forward basketballers playing himself.

You’ll even get to see The Weeknd as himself. Chock full of reality in a field of work you might have never stepped into, watch Adam Sandler at his unique best playing a character most of us could never imagine him in.

How: You’ll probably have a lot of water as it would feel like the fastest marathon your senses have kept up with. There will be a lot of shocks and fast breathing as there is not one moment in this film where you can guess what will happen next.

This got me fucked!

There are some movies which leave you in a dark space, for a while. They make you wonder about the endless possibilities of how people can be, and gulp in terror mixed with empathy to understand the darkest of characters.


What: Of passions which get a little too intense and leave you wondering if too much of anything makes a great life.

How: You are going to be awed by the magical performance of Michael Keaton. While you sway to the addiction one is consumed by falling deeply into their line of passion, you are going to be taking 5 or more minutes just wondering about what if this happens in your life too.


What: What happens when an obsession goes terribly wrong? There is one thing to strive for money and power, but another to blur the lines to reach it no matter what. Watch Jake Gyllenhaal unleashing the demon inside him for a ‘how could he do this’ watch.

How: Psychologically fucked, wondering what’s the limit to things and a plateful of other questions.


Wtf did I just see?!/Can this happen too?!

Yes, movies hang on the crux of fiction but always end up making you wonder about the infinite possibilities of so many things under the sun. Shocking, good or bad, here are some movies which make you wonder about the What if’s and It can be real, can’t it?

The Truman Show

What: This movie is about a person who is born and lives inside a TV show seen by millions of people across the world. He is unaware of being a part of a world which is man-made, far away from anything that’s real.

How: You’ll feel what it’s like to live a life where you are watched all day, where your story is an entertainment as well as an inspiration for millions. But is it right, well, you’ll answer this question for yourself too.


Watch & Learn

People learn better when they see. Just like these amazing movies which teach you about global meltdowns, creation of billion-dollar companies, and so much more! Spend time watching movies, but leaving with a mind that knows more.

The Big Short

What: This movie is based on how forward experts and thinkers observe the unpredictability in the US housing market, way before its collapse and discover the flaws in the entire system. We get to see what all happened before the US market completely crashed in 2007.

How: As it is based on real incidents, you will end up being more knowledgeable than you were before watching it, and also understand the real intricacies of financial systems and the whizkids associated with it.

The Social Network

What: It is a mix of drama and history, made by the wunderkind David Fincher. Learn all about how Facebook started and the reality of all that happened behind the face of the social networking site which connects people.

How: Probably hate Mark Zuckerberg, well, that’s how I felt but I guess it is going to be a different connotation for different people.


Live someone else’s life

Empathy once learned is the strongest of emotions. Extremely tough to handle if it gets to you real bad, but makes for the greatest quality in every human being. These movies help you step into someone else’s shoes and live their life, a life which is probably quite painful but leaves you with a relationship you want to hang on to.

The perks of being a wallflower

What: This is one of the most beautiful movies you can go back to multiple times for what it makes you feel. It introduces you to characters who have faced the worst of things in their lives, it shows you the way they dealt with their emotions, how they face it and how they learn to see life for the beauty it is.

How: You are going to end the movie with a smile on your face, feeling proud of meeting these amazing people and what it feels like to be a wallflower in someone’s life.

Forrest Gump

What: I don’t think anyone can really describe all that Forrest Gump is about. Played by Tom Hanks, it takes you through the life of Forrest and the beautiful life he has and continues to live.

How: You are going to feel supremely inspired, proud and feel a sense of accomplishment for knowing and living in the world of Mr. Gump.

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

What: This was the first movie where I saw Jim Carrey in a non-comical role. Maybe, I haven’t seen all his movies. This movie is about Joe and Clementine, a beautiful love story with a slight twist. They meet after a train journey, unaware that they had been dating before their memories were clinically erased.

How: Quite a lot of wonder is going to cross your mind over the power of technology and how there can be a system of choice where people choose to erase their memories if they choose to. It is a beautiful love story, set in a world we hopefully won’t see, a world where we can choose to erase memories.



Watch something real/Test your emotions

Watching our own lives playing on-screen is quite grand, ain’t it? Of course, not one life is the same but we all come from similarly lived circumstances, emotional journeys, life phases, etc. These movies try to re-create those emotions into a story we can deeply connect with.

Marriage Story

What: This film is raw, honest and concerns the relationship of a married couple, high on dreams and ambitions, who go through the torturous phase of divorce. The director has focussed on the little and the most important things and it just brings the movie closer to the viewer, even the ones who haven’t lived through it.

How: For a person who has gone through this, I think this makes for an honest representation of what people go through when they decide to part ways for various reasons.

Lady Bird

What: This movie revolves around a girl who is growing up along with the kind of relationships spinning around her. It shows a mom and daughter’s relationship, how important friends are, especially when you are in school, the importance of dreams and so much more!

How: You will feel satisfied watching a film all of us can surely relate with, each one of us will deeply connect with one or the other beautiful scenes and the way they have been directed by Greta Gerwig. Let’s just not forget to say, she is f******king awesome!


Edge of your err…bed

Remember those times when you’re looking at people (on a screen) but your heart is racing like you just came back from a run? Some films have the quality of engaging all your senses, so deeply, that you can’t help but feel the adrenaline rushing through your body while the characters plan an escape.

If you’re looking for something like that, here you go!

A Quiet Place

What: Apart from having a stellar cast, this film is going to make the skin on your body crawl with an intensity unlike any other without the usage of hardly any sound! As the title goes, this film is literally a quiet place, as even one sound will probably end up the entire cast dead, so get ready for a never-ending nail-biting competition as soon as you hear, even a single sound!

How: Just like all crazily intense movies, with the addition of praise for the makers of this film and the sheer brilliance of their brain cells.


Can you stop crying?

A movie can make the strongest of people cry. There are statistics which prove people find it easier to cry while watching a movie which talks about their life, or any life for that matter, than cry in reality. Here are some films which will hit the sentimental part of you (hoping you aren’t too much of a Rock out there :p)

Dallas Buyer’s Club

What: This film will get you up close and personal with a person who learns he is diagnosed with AIDS. Starring Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto in characters you couldn’t ever dream for them to be in, well, there is not a single person who can watch this film without feeling a large pierce poking through their heart.

How: You will want to know more about fighters and how it’s like to be diagnosed with a disease which has no cure and how it strips you of a whole lot more than your confidence.



This list is being continuously updated to provide you with the best description of the movie you are planning to watch, to help you pick the best one for your mood for the day or night.


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