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Oscars 2016: The Year Of Real-Life Inspirations

Did you know that the protagonists of most of the movies that have been nominated at the Oscars this year have got their inspiration from real life people and incidents? Seems like Hollywood is shifting its focus from fiction to non-fiction in a large way.

Christian Bale as Hedge Fund Manager Dr. Michael Burry: The Big Short


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Bale played the role of Michael Burry, the first person who had predicted the financial collapse in America’s housing market in 2008. Burry and a group of financial minds used this prediction to their advantage and made a fortune of the impending economic collapse in the country.

Steve Carell as Money Manager Steve Eisman: The Big Short


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Steve Carrell played the role of Steve Eisman, a money manager who was deeply shocked and disturbed by Michael Burry’s bizarre investment decision to utilize the collapse to increase his wealth.

Ryan Gosling as Former Deutsche Bank Trader Greg Lippmann: The Big Short


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Gosling played a character based on Greg Lippmann, an arrogant, fast-talking Deutsche Bank trader and the film’s narrator who first brings Burry’s findings to Eisman’s attention and then joins with the latter to bet against the housing market.

Tom Hanks as Lawyer James B. Donovan: Bridge of Spies


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Tom Hanks played the role of James B. Donovan, an American lawyer who negotiated the exchange of Soviet intelligence officer Rudolf Abel and American pilot Francis Gary Powers in the 1962 spy swap at the Berlin bridge.

Mark Rylance as Soviet Intelligence Officer Rudolf Abel: Bridge of Spies


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Mark Rylance played the role of Rudolf Abel, the Soviet spy who was captured in the U.S. and was swapped in place of American pilot Francis Gary Powers on Berlin’s Glienicke Bridge.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Fur Trapper Hugh Glass: The Revenant


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DiCaprio played the role of early 19th-century American frontiersman Hugh Glass, each and every scene performed by DiCaprio is real and totally matches the true incidents in the life of Glass.

Mark Ruffalo as Boston Globe Reporter Michael Rezendes: Spotlight


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Mark Ruffalo played the role of Michael Rezendes, a Boston Globe reporter who was part of the “Spotlight” team that investigated and exposed the Boston Catholic Church sexual abuse scandal in 2002. Rezendes wrote the first article on Jan. 6, 2002, exposing the shocking scandal.

Michael Keaton as Boston Globe Editor Walter “Robby” Robinson: Spotlight


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Keaton played the role of Globe editor Walter “Robby” Robinson, the leader of the Spotlight team of journalists who spearheads the investigation of the 2002 sexual abuse scandal.

Rachel McAdams as Boston Globe Reporter Sacha Pfeiffer: Spotlight


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Rachel McAdams played the role of Globe reporter Sacha Pfeiffer in Spotlight. In the film, Pfeiffer struggles with how her mother (a devout Catholic) will take the shocking story.

Liev Schreiber as Then-Boston Globe EIC Marty Baron:Spotlight


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Schreiber played the role of Marty Baron, the then-Editor-in-Chief of The Boston Globe who made the call to pursue the most scandalous story of 2002, which brings the perception of the most holy institution down to the roads.

Brian d’Arcy James as Boston Globe Reporter Matt Carroll: Spotlight


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James played the role of Globe reporter Matt Carroll, who was the database reporting specialist for the Spotlight team.

Stanley Tucci as Attorney Mitchell Garabedian: Spotlight


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Stanley Tucci plays the role of Mitchell Garabedian, a Boston lawyer who fought bravely for the victims of sexual abuse and spoke to the journalists to cover the story.

Bryan Cranston as Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo: Trumbo


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Bryan Cranston played the role of Dalton Trumbo, the screenwriter who wrote iconic films like the Roman Holiday and Spartacus and who was blacklisted for refusing to cooperate with the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947.

Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs: Steve Jobs


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As we all know, Michael Fassbender played the role of Steve Jobs in the biopic spanning 14 years, split in three distinct acts — each taking place at the launch of a new product.

Kate Winslet as Apple Marketing Exec Joanna Hoffman: Steve Jobs


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Kate Winslet played the role of Joanna Hoffman, the marketing executive who worked closely with Jobs in the early days of the Apple Macintosh.

Jennifer Lawrence as Inventor Joy Mangano: Joy


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Jennifer Lawrence played the role of inventor and entrepreneur Joy Mangano who invented the Miracle Mop.

Eddie Redmayne as Danish Painter Lili Elbe: The Danish Girl


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Redmayne beautifully played the role of Lili Elbe in Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl. Elbe, an early 20th-century Danish painter, was one of the first known people to undergo gender change surgery.

Alicia Vikander as Danish Painter Gerda Wegener:The Danish Girl


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Vikander played the role of Danish painter Gerda Wegener, the wife of Lili Elbe. Wegener was a very supportive wife to Lili and acts as her pillar till the very end.







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