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Shahrukh Khan’s Look For Breaking Bad Movie Leaked!

Shahrukh is seriously taking method acting to another level, the King decided to post about his new look as Walter White today and it’s DOPE!

The fans are going crazy over the uncanny resemblance of Shahrukh Khan with Bryan Cranston’s character of Walter White of Breaking Bad fame

The plans of the King of Bollywood for playing Walter White’s role had been doing the rounds some months back but no one would have thought that he would be so quick in working on it. Going by the history of the promotions undertaken by Shahrukh, this time he has utilized the power of the internet instead of using his physical presence to market his next film, the name of which hasn’t been disclosed.

Though what comes as a shock is that he planned to post about his new look even before the release of his latest work Fan. Debates about the photo being leaked by a third party are already storming Shahrukh’s Twitter followers.

Just look at him! Doesn’t he look like India’s Walter White?

Srk Breaking Bad

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Happy Fooling Day 😀

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