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The New Batmobile Is More Badass Than Ever

The batmobile is the first thing which comes into the mind as soon as we talk about the Batman movie. Nolan revamped the concept of a batmobile and made it more realistic (but somewhat less badass) with the military vehicle Tumbler. Zack Snyder has given his insight that the new batmobile will be more ‘Battier’ than before with extra weapons and customization than before. “You’ve seen the Chris Nolan Batman movies? They repurposed a military vehicle. The cool thing about our Batmobile is its purpose built by Bruce Wayne to be the Batmobile. It allows it to be slightly battier.” said the excited Zack Snyder.

The Batman V Superman Batmobile is significantly more decadent than the Tumbler, boasting a nearly 20 foot length and far more Bat-design than the Tumbler. The design by Patrick Tatopoulos and Dennis McCarthy also features the first stationary gun turret, which mounts on the front of the car like a deadly hood ornament.


Its well-known amongst creators in film, animation and comic books that one of the best exciting things about being able to contribute creatively to the Batman franchise is the opportunity to put your own spin on his legendary wheels. Whether this new version of the Batmobile will go down in history in the same way that the 1966 Barris model or the 1989 Anton Furst design has is yet to be seen though.


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